Italy 2018: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro win Sanremo and accept the ticket to Lisbon.

<div>Italy 2018: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro win Sanremo and accept the ticket to Lisbon.</div>

Ermal Meta & Frabrizio Moro have won Sanremo 2018 and will represent Italy in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro have won the 68th Sanremo Music Festival during an exciting evening at Teatro Ariston. The duo have now been confirmed as representing their country at Eurovision – it will it be Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente for Italy this year in Lisbon.

Though not just a national final in a strict sense, the Sanremo Music Festival has a long history of providing Italy’s Eurovision entrants. Indeed, the Festival’s track record has been rather good recently – since Italy’s 2011 return to Eurovision, six entrants selected through Sanremo have provided five top ten placings in the contest. What is more, even though a certain Swedish counterpart can claim the title of the most prestigious national selection, no music event other than Sanremo can claim that they were the inspiration behind the Eurovision Song Contest itself.


  • 1 68° Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo 2018
  • 2 The Grand Final
  • 3 Phase 1 – participants and results
  • 4 Phase 2 – qualifiers and winner announcement
  • 5 The Italian entrant to the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

68° Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo 2018

Complication is usually half the charm of Sanremo and this year was no exception. Spread over five consecutive nights (Tuesday to Saturday), there were two main categories in the competition: the Campioni category for established artists and the Nuove Proposte newcomers category.

The voting included contributions from televoting, a jury of accredited journalists, a demoscopic jury consisting of a 300 fan sample (for nights 1-3) as well as a jury of experts (nights 4-5).

The 2018 Sanremo presenters Claudio Baglioni, Michelle Hunziker and Pierfrancesco Favino on the Fourth Night of the music festival.

This year, singer/songwriter and musician Claudio Baglioni has taken over from Carlo Conti as the main presenter and artistic director of the Sanremo Music Festival. His co-hosts are TV presenter, actress, model and singer Michelle Hunziker and actor Pierfrancesco Favino.

Eurovision 2015 Italian entrants Il Volo guest performing with presenter Claudio Baglioni last night.

The Grand Final

This is in effect the grand final for the Campioni category of established artists. The participants have already performed their entry songs three times over the previous nights, one of which was as a duet with an invited guest act of their choice.

Nina Zilli (Eurovision 2012) performing her 2018 Sanremo entry Senza Appartenere during the First Night of the music festival.

Phase 1 sees all 20 of the 2018 Campioni finalists performing their songs once more. Tonight’s votes will be added to those from the previous performances  The top three acts – as determined by the combined scores – will progress to Phase 2. In this phase, all three acts will start from a level ground as previous scores will be discarded and the winner will be determined by the votes awarded in Phase 2 only.

Tonight’s winner will be given the opportunity to represent Italy at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest if they wish to. If not, the ticket to Lisbon will be offered to one of the other Campioni finalists or one of the Nuove Proposte newcomers category, whose winner last night was Ultimo with his song Il Ballo Delle Incertezze (see photo below).

Ultimo, winner of the Nuove Proposte category.

Phase 1 – participants and results

Guest performances included Italian pop sensation Laura Pausini and Sanremo 2017 runner-up Fiorella Mannoia.

There are several former Eurovision entrants among the participants: Nina Zilli (9th place in Eurovision 2012 with L’Amore È Femmina). Riccardo Fogli (11th in 1983 with Per Lucia), Enrico Ruggeri (lead singer of Decibel, came 12th in 1993 with Sole D’Europa) and Luca Barbarossa (12th in 1988 with Vivo (Ti Scrivo)).

The results of the Phase 1 tonight are as follows.

1Luca BarbarossaPassame Er Sale 7
2Red CanzianOgnuno Ha Il Suo Racconto 15
3The KolorsFrida (Mai, Mai, Mai) 9
 4 Elio e le Storie Tese Arrivedorci 20
5RonAlmeno Pensami 4
6Max GazzèLa Leggenda Di Cristalda E Pizzomunno 6
7AnnalisaIl Mondo Prima Di Tequalifier
8Renzo RubinoCustodire 13
9DecibelLettera Dal Duca 16
10Ornella Vanoni feat. Bungaro & PacificoImparare Ad Amarsi 5
11Giovanni CaccamoEterno 10
12 Lo Stato Sociale Una Vita In Vacanzaqualifier
13Roby Facchinetti & Riccardo FogliIl Segreto Del Tempo 18
14Diodato & Roy PaciAdesso 8
 15 Nina ZilliSenza Appartenere 17
 16 NoemiNon Smettere Mai Di Cercarmi 14
 17 Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro Non Mi Avete Fatto Nientequalifier
18Mario BiondiRivederti 19
19Le VibrazioniCosì Sbagliato 11
20Enzo Avitabile feat. Peppe ServilloIl Coraggio Di Ogni Giorno 12

The three super finalists were announced as follows:Annalisa, Lo Stato Sociale and Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro will compete for the Sanremo 2018 win.

Phase 2 – qualifiers and winner announcement

 At this point, any previous votes the artists had received were discarded and the artists’ fate relied on an extra round of voting. 

After a lot of deliberation, with all three acts on stage, Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro with Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente were announced as the Sanremo 2018 winners. The results were as follows:

ArtistSongtelevoting sharetotal vote sharerank
AnnalisaIl Mondo Prima Di Te23.2%26.9%3rd
Lo Stato SocialeUna Vita In Vacanza21.1%28.4%2nd
Ermal Meta & Fabrizio MoroNon Mi Avete Fatto Niente55.7%44.7%winner

Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro receiving the Sanremo 2018 trophy.

The Italian entrant to the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

Tonight’s win made Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro eligible to represent Italy in the upcoming 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier this week, the duo had mentioned that they would like to represent the country at Eurovision, not making any other change to their song either than reducing its duration to comply with the 3 minute rule. Indeed, it has no been confirmed that they will be flying the flag for Italy in Lisbon this May.

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Latvia Supernova 2018: Two more songs and singers through to the final

Latvia Supernova 2018: Two more songs and singers through to the final

Tonight in Latvia, the second heat of Supernova 2018 took place, with seven more songs performed. Two performers follow Edgars and Liene through to the final on February 24.

The winner of Supernova 2018 will represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal in May.


  • 1 The Hosts
  • 2 The Songs
  • 3 The Results

The Hosts

Each week Justs Sirmais and model and Latvian TV star, Dagmara Legante will host the show. The green room was hosted, again by Toms Grēviņš.

The Songs

Hypnotic – Pray

With the best wish in the world, hoping for World Peace, the ladies sincerely believe in their message, and as a result, it is obvious on stage. Working well as a trio, the three human wedding cakes, opening the show had a huge disadvantage considering the behemoths to come. Very unlucky if they do not qualify. At the end they declared Stop The Wars.

MADARA – Esamība

It’s hard to see this not qualifying. The performance is pure understated class. From the haunting cello to the mysterious meaning behind the Latvian lyrics, there hasn’t been more of a sure thing in any National Finals yet like this one.

Markus Riva – This Time

Markus was making his fourth appearance in Supernova tonight. This modern pop song is as good as any going around in any of the world’s pop charts. The problem is he is up against a very strong set of songs this year. If he doesn’t make it this year, let’s hope there’s still another time in the future.

In My Head – Sunset

Modern electronic music, this is another current pop sound from an up and coming group. Last week Sudden Lights didn’t make the final, so we will see if In My Head have better luck. The group performed very well giving the Supernova a much-needed boost.

See alsoLatvia Supernova 2018: Edgars and Liene through to the final

Ritvars – Who’s Counting?

Dismissed at its initial qualification, this has now become an entry to watch. Ritvars gentle song to his son, was very well performed, and due its subject matter, heartfeltly sung. Ritvars was very smart in his suit, with three backing female singers. A real grower of a song.

Monta – 1000 Roses

Dressed in a rose coloured dress to match the song, Monta started the song sitting on the stage floor. The three backing female singers in matching colours added an extra warmth to the song. The song was very well sung and its mellow feel could work in its favour.

Riga Reggae – Stop the War U2

The final song had the same message as the first song, but this one was of a different genre. With a hint of reggae, this was a slightly less polished performance but none the less pleasing to watch. With an English narrative, there was no reason to just plea to U2. Again this week the Latvians have a difficult choice to make.

The Results

The Latvian public and the panel of jurists chose the two artists going to the final. They are Ritvars and Madara.

Below you can enjoy Madara and Esamiba.

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Festival da Canção 2018: Snippets for first semi final released

Festival da Canção 2018: Snippets for first semi final released

The snippets for the 13 songs of Portugal’s Festival da Canção first semi final have been released. This marks the first time since 2011 that RTP releases part of the competing songs before the actual show.

For the first time in seven years, Portugal’s broadcaster – RTP – has released snippets of 45 seconds for each song competing in Festival da Canção before the show takes place next 18th of February. Those are now available in Festival da Canção’s official website and in its brand new YouTube channel.

According to Gonçalo Madaíl – Festival da Canção 2018’s coordinator – this will allow fans to get to know a little of each song and have certain preferences before the main show: “There were many requests from the fans. This way, everyone will get to taste every song and have the chance to rank their favorites”, he said in an interview to RTP.

Below, you can find the acts that will compete during the show:

1. Peu Madureira – Só Por Ela
2. Anabela – Para Te Dar Abrigo
3. Joana Barra Vaz – Anda Estragar-me os Planos
4. Janeiro – (sem título)
5. Rui David – Sem Medo
6. José Cid & Gonçalo Tavares – O som da guitarra é a alma de um povo
7. JP Simões – Alvoroço
8. Catarina Miranda – Para não sorrir eu não preciso de nada
9. Joana Espadinha – Zero a Zero
10. Beatriz Pessoa – Eu Te Amo
11. Bruno Vasconcelos – Austrália
12. Maria Amaral – A Mesma Canção
13. Rita Dias – Com Gosto Amigo

Festival da Canção’s first semi final is scheduled to take place next 18th of Feburary in RTP’s studios in Lisbon. Out of the 13 songs, 7 will qualify to the grand final to be held in the beginning of March. As for the results, the decision will be shared between the public and the jury.

Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest

This year will mark the 50th participation of Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest. Having participated this amount of times, only last year Portugal won the contest for the first time with Salvador Sobral’s Amar Pelos Dois.

Even though it found great success with Salvador, Portugal hadn’t yet had a really successful entry this decade. Not only the country didn’t take part in 2013 and 2016 due to its poor results, but it failed to qualify every other year aside from 2010 with the song Há Dias Assim. While we wait for the show’s first semi final, remind yourself of Salvador’s semi final performance at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest:

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Romania: Week four of Selecția Națională 2018 with Elena Gheorge concert

Romania: Week four of Selecția Națională 2018 with Elena Gheorge concert

Tonight, Romania continued their search to find their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. This week, three more contestants will join the previous weeks nine choices in the final.

The final of the Selecția Națională 2018 for Romania will be held on February 25 in Sala Polivalentă in Bucharest. For now, heat four of five takes place in Salina Turda salt mine.


  • 1 The Hosts
  • 2 The Show
  • 3 The Songs
  • 4 The Judges

The Hosts

Our hosts for all six shows are Diana Dumitrescu and Cezar Ouatu. Both hosts are doing very well but we are still waiting for Cezar, who represented Romania in 2013 with It’s My Life, to burst into song. The green room was hosted by Loredana Corchiș, who kept events ticking over backstage.

The Show

The show was opened by the operatic act, Ad Libitum and Katia Cărbune.

The interval act was the highlight of tonight. A flame-haired, Elena Gheorghe gave a performance of her 2009 entry The Balkan Girls as part of her interval act. She also sang Disco Romancing, Amar Tu Vida, Perna Mea, Jumatate, Soarele Meu, Vocea Te, Până La Stele, Ecou, Mamma Mia and Midnight Sun. The Latin and flamenco inspired mini-concert featured a full show band. Elena was also accompanied by two female dancers. With four costume changes, it was over too soon.

The Songs

Bernice Chitiul – Too Busy for My Heart

It sounded as if this would be a bit of a dance song, but it loses its direction right after the introduction. With at least ten tunes and every possible note in the musical scale used, it was hard to grab where this was going. Bernice wore a flashy aqua blue dress and was accompanied by four school girl type backing singers.

Cristian Simionescu – Nirvana 

This starts out as a euro disco number. Made for dancing although Cristian didn’t move about much. White shoes and a blue suit was the outfit of choice. A turning wheel flashing out a sunset featured on the back wall. Very eighties but needed more punch to be memorable.

 Nicoleta Țicală – Una oportunidad

Visually this was the most appealing of the evening. However this would struggle to qualify in the seventies, so should flounder tonight too. The piano doesn’t really help the song that much. A very bland tune all the way through. Nicoleta was in a lacy red dress, with three backing female vocalists, in matching black lacy nightgowns.

ZØLTAN – Dacă dragostea e oarbă

ZØLTAN and his two-piece band should learn to smile a bit more. With a slow song performed with two guitars and a drum, the group looked as if they were totally bored with the whole thing. Ironically their black and white video wall attempted some humour with a large cuddly bunny causing mishaps everywhere it went.

Alice Jeckel – Out of the Dark

A lady with a very good stage presence. The song has a pounding piano playing throughout. As each instrument is introduced the song gets louder and louder. This was a very strong entry although Alice did miss a few notes. Backed by an all-female backing band, including a long-haired blonde guitarist.

Dan Manciulea – Rază de soare

Dan stood and played his guitar to a song with a little sound of the Andes influence.  A tapping wood block kept time. Again not a lot of movement, but sung well enough. A strong voiced male singer added harmony in the background.

See alsoRomania 2018: Results and review of week three of Selecția Națională 2018

Lion’s Roar – Rekindle the Flame,

Described as symphonic metal this six-piece band are exactly what the judges are loving this year. So this should have nothing to worry about. Of course, it’s a load of nonsense that no other country would dare to enter. Sure enough the judges are praising it wildly. Hey, since its Romania, its OK.

Ioana Ciornea – Time After Time

You can’t go wrong with a song with that title. A nice beginning with the verses leading into a memorable chorus. Pipes add some extra class to the song.  Violins are added to the end of the song, and with searing singing at the end, another good one, the judges will likely ignore.Ioana wore a long flowing cream coloured dress, to match her hair.

TIRI – Deșert de sentimente

TIRI had the hair of the evening, which made you pay a bit more attention. However, the song was another slow thing, although TIRI was quite powerful as a singer. A mournful violin played all the way through akin to something the Balkan countries are prone to send. Two dancers filled up the stage, while a female backing singer helped the song along.

Feli – Bună de iubit

A jungle beat stays throughout this song. The drum never changes its rhythm and Spanish influences abound. One for wiggling around the room to, Feli enjoyed dancing to it and the right moments. Three other backing vocalists swayed in rhythm.

Paula Crișan – I Am Here

Another very good female singer. A slow ballad typical of some of Albania’s past entries. In fact, it could be Eneda Tarifa with dark hair. The chorus has a good hook which adds a little depth to the song. Nothing amazing but nothing to dislike about it either.

Claudia Andas – The One

Starting quiet, Romania’s very own Claudia Faniello belts out her song. This Claudia puts every ounce of her emotion into this song. Every note is heartfelt and you get sucked in. One of the best in this year’s Romanian selection, which with these crazy judges will likely doom it. Four backing singers accompanied Claudia.However, it does have a rather cheesy twist at the end.

The Judges

There has been some mention that the judges are not picking the correct songs to go to the final. These are the five people responsible. Tonight Marian seemed thoroughly bored. Ilanca was more concerned with staying warm.

Liliana Ștefan who wrote the 1998 Romanian entry Eu cred by the late Mălina Olinescu.
Viorel Gavril a famous composer and conductor.
Ilinca Băcilă the Yodel It Romanian singer from last year.
Nicu Patoi who accompanied Mălina Olinescu on the guitar at the Eurovision 1998.
Marian Ionescu member of the band Direcția 5.

The Results

Bernice Chitiul 23 3 3 1110
 Cristian Simionescu012
Nicoleta Țicală710671040 4
Alice Jeckel31242129
Dan Manciulea213 11
Lion’s Roar67565295
Ioana Ciornea5475324 6
Paula Crișan46124177
Claudia Andas12128121256 1

Romania At The Eurovision Song Contest

Another country with 100 percent qualification rate since semi-final introduction, it is safe to say despite the judges, Romania likely will be in the 2018 final.

Romania was riding high in 2010 when Paula Seling and Ovi took Playing With Fire to 3rd place. With a slight dip out of the top ten in the next three years, Paula and Ovi were sent back for another attempt in 2014. However, the song Miracle didn’t quite connect with the audience so much and it finished in 12th place.

Romania’s track record is 6 top 10 results, and another 10 songs making the top 20.

Listen to the winning song Claudia Andas, The One below

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Franka will sing ‘Crazy’ for Croatia in Lisbon

Franka will sing ‘Crazy’ for Croatia in Lisbon

Franka will represent Croatia at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with the song titled ‘Crazy’. The song is written by Branimir Mihaljević, and later today, she will present her thoughts about it in a radio show.

Last year several local media claimed that HRT, Croatian national broadcaster, will bring back the national final Dora. Dora was used to select all of Croatia’s Eurovision entries from 1993 until 2011. However, due  to financial difficulties, the broadcaster chose to select their representative in Lisbon internally. The story first broke by newspaper Jutarnji, that Franka was chosen with the song Crazy, and later this morning confirmed in a press release by followed by Franka’s official annoucement on her Facebook page.

The girl who is going to wave the Croatian flag in Portugal this May is Franka Batelić also known as Franka. The title of the song is Crazy. Franka is 25 years old and from Rijeka. The singer became famous in her native country when she won Showtime, a TV show similar to Pop Idol, back in 2007.

Franka has previously participated in Dora twice. She debuted in 2009 finishing 7th in the national final, and the same as in her next attempt in 2010. It is interesting that Franka’s song RužaUKamenu won the OGAE Song Contest back in 2008. In 2010, she announced the release of her first album, something that however never happened. Franka instead was absent from the Croatian music scene since 2013. She returned in December last year, when she released the love ballad STobom.

Crazy is written by Branimir Mihaljević, and today at 14:00, at HRT – HR 2 in the radio programme Drugi dio dana, Franka will talk about her participation and the song together with HRT’s Music Editor Zlatko Turkalj Turki.

Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Croatia’s first appearance in the contest took place in 1993. The country’s best result came in 1996 and 1999, when Maja Blagdan (SvetaLjubav) and Doris Dragović (Marija Magdalena) both came 4th.

The country withdrew from the contest in 2014 and 2015, after they failed to reach the final four years in succession from 2010 to 2013. Last year in Kiev the country was represented by Jacques Houdek whose song MyFriend finished 12th in the final, which is Croatia’s best result since they came back to the contest in 2016. Remind yourself of that song in the video below.

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San Marino 1in360: Judges bow down to Sara de Blue and Irol

San Marino 1in360: Judges bow down to Sara de Blue and Irol

The search has officially begun in San Marino’s unprecedented national selection, 1in360. The eleven finalists have all taken the 1in360 stage in Bratislava, Slovakia and performed an acoustic version of one of their songs.

While being pleased with all the candidates, there was an obvious preference towards Sara de Blue and San Marino’s Irol.

The journey for San Marino begun in October of last year when the broadcaster – SMRTV – announced a national selection hoping to bring better results for the microstate who has only been to a Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final once, in 2014.

Even though it can be seen as something amazing and glorious, 1in360 has faced a few challenges. Not only many accused the event of being fraudulent but more recently, its official YouTube channel was closed after two former competitors reported it due to copyrights.

Through ups and downs, the production finally reunited the eleven best and most popular contestants and took them on a journey including a trip to Austria to write and record the competing songs. A second trip was made to Slovakia, where the first two shows were recorded.

Tonight, 1in360 officially uploaded the show’s first episode to its YouTube channel where the eleven competitors took the small stage to sing one of the two songs they were given. All of them performed an acoustic version of it in front of the judges and no one was eliminated as 1in360 will not have eliminatory rounds.


  • 1 The Show
  • 2 The Songs
  • 3 Coming Next
  • 4 San Marino At The Eurovision Song Contest

The Show

Nick Earles – the show’s main host – was joined by Kristin Stein who was in charge of the backstage moments. Onboard with the two hosts were a four piece jury panel composed by Austria’s Zoë Straub, English songwriter Neon Hitch, the entrepeneur Ladislav Kossár and San Marino’s head of delegation Alessandro Capicchioni.

Without much interruptions, the songs started being presented one by one. After each performance, the judges would critique each act and song. A backstage moment was followed where the contestants would reflect on the criticism.

It’s worth mentioning that the contestants did the backing vocals for each other.

The Songs

1. Emma SandströmDiamonds

Emma had the huge responsibility to introduce the audience to this revolutionary competition by opening the show. The Finnish singer ended up not delivering her best performance yet and the judges accused her of lack of emotion despite her Pop song being all about empowerment and to shine bright like a diamond.

2. IrolStuck Without Me (feat. Jessika Muscat)

Irol is the only singer from San Marino and that ended up influencing the country’s head of delegation who clearly focused on the fact that he knew Irol. His collaboration with Jessika was surely a highlight that scored positive comments from every judge due to its energy and feel good vibe.

3. Giovanni MontalbanoPer Quello Che Me Dai

Giovanni was the only singer that performed a song completely written in Italian. Zoë had no negative comments to say about his performance that was quite flawless yet pointed out his need to learn English. Per Quello Che Me Dai is a powerful ballad that is very well complemented by Giovanni’s pleasant vocals.

4. Sebastian SchmidtIn The Moonlight

This German boy took the stage to perform a very happy Pop love song. Despite coming off as a bit generic, the judges agreed that Sebastian is one of the acts with the biggest commercial appeal.

5. Judah GavraStay

When it comes to powerhouse ballads, it was Judah who brought it to the game. The judges had mixed feelings about his performance. Ladislav Kossár went as far as naming it “boring”.

6. Tinashe MakuraWe Are One

He is the only act coming from outside Europe. Tinashe performed a love song dedicated to his wife back in Zimbabwe that could easily be confused with a lullaby – at least in its acoustic form. He called it a very personal song and the jury did appreciate his effort.

7. Jessika MuscatWho We Are (feat. Irol)

Maybe for being her song, Jessika delivered amazing vocals during her second performance and had Irol joining her again. It is perhaps one of the most evident Pop songs that has a good balance with Rap despite Alessandro mentioning he wanted to listen more Rap parts in it.

8. Sara De BlueUntil the Morning Light

Neon Hitch rightfully said: “You set the bar high”. Sara brought in vocals, emotions and one of the best productions to the 1in360 stage. The juries were very impressed overall and praised Sara’s vocals and dedication. On the other hand, Alessandro Capicchioni had the need of saying that something was lacking.

9. Jenifer BeskyI’m Sorry

While being an amazing vocalist, Jenifer’s song was quite generic and surely not a wow factor for the competition. The judges noticed that and had mixed feelings about her performance blaming the song choice for it. Zoë is sure, nonetheless, that she’ll bring a better number next week.

10. Franklin CallejaBest Years of Our Lives

Franklin’s register is out of this world. His song was the English version of Giovanni’s song and, just like the Italian singer, Franklin really impressed the jury who had nothing but good comments for him.

11. Camilla NorthFree Yourself

The groove was saved for last. Camilla took the stage and performed the grooviest tune out of the bunch. Not all judges were impressed but she surely made them shake their feet to the rhythm of her song.

Coming Next

In a week’s time, 1in360 will broadcast its second episode where the 11 contestants will perform an acoustic version of their second song. At the end of the show, Zoë and the remaining judges will decide which song each contestant will take to the final round that, for the first time, will be broadcast live and will feature each song in its original form.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, go ahead and check it in the video below. If you prefer to watch the performances individually then click here.

San Marino At The Eurovision Song Contest

This year, San Marino is really making an effort to try to improve their past results. So far they have only made the final once in eight attempts. From these attempts, it was one of four Valentina Monetta entries, which saw them into the final of 2014.

The country was really unsure if they would take part in the competition this year as they feared there’s no space for small countries in the show. With this unexpected national selection, they certainly hope things will change.

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