DoReDos win O Melodie Pentru Europa and will represent Moldova in Lisbon

DoReDos win O Melodie Pentru Europa and will represent Moldova in Lisbon

DoReDos won the Moldovan national selection for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

Out of the 16 finalists, DoReDos were chosen as the winner of Moldovan national final, O Melodie Pentru Europa 2018, and therefore will represent this country in Lisbon, Portugal in May.

Earlier this year, in January, the Moldovan broadcaster TVM revealed the list of shortlisted artists for their national final. During the live performance of those 28 songs, TVM chose the lucky 16 who would compete directly in the final. That meant that the broadcaster decided to cut the previously announced semi-final and host only one final.

Let’s take a closer look at the songs. Is there anything that may follow the Sunstroke Project’s success from Kyiv?


  • 1 The Songs
  • 2 The Show
  • 3 The Results
  • 4 Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest

The Songs

TolikBroken Glass

Tolik opens the show with a typical Eurovision ballad. He is on the stage alone only with three female vocalists. To match to the lyrics, we see a lot of broken glass on the LED screens in the background.

Lavinia RusuAltundeva

Lavinia Rusu follows with a faster song than Broken Glass. Two male vocalists and one pair of dancers join her on stage as well as a lot of colourful lasers in the projection. The vocalists are involved a lot in the performance and that makes the song sound more powerful than sung solely by Lavinia alone. Unlike the first song, Lavinia sing in the Romanian language. The title is translated as Somewhere Else.

Bella LunaMoments

Bella Luna is a male/female duo that comes with a love ballad. They tell us the story of sharing the Moments together, which remind anyone of the Oslo slogan “Share The Moment”. The climax is not so obvious, but the two female vocalists join BellaLuna in the front stage at that moment. During the performance, we see the space-like graphics in the LED background.

Anna TimofeiEndlessly

Endlessly is the first song tonight that made its way to Moldova from Sweden. OneVoice – a sister duo of Ylva and Linda Persson – is the composer together with its Swedish team. Both sisters are doing the backing vocals for Anna Timofei that serve this mystical ballad with a grace. It needs a soft voice, and young Anna does it really professionally and without any mistakes. In the mystic style of Endlessly, the background graphics are a little bit abstract. All the three women wear gorgeous long white dresses.

Ilia Sorocean & Dasha DaGroMinds & Veins

After BellaLuna, Ilia and Dasha are another duo and they are not the last ones tonight. After two ballads, TVM switches again to one of the up-tempo songs. Even though the song sounds and looks very modern, the performance is not completely flawless and the harmonies are sometimes out of tune. Two female vocalists and two male dancers are also on stage during the performance. This entry sounds quite repetitive after a while, and also the lyrics would deserve a revision.

Che-MD – Inima-n Stîngă

This rock group with national instruments and elements is not a newbie in O Melodie Pentru Europa. They already took part in the past, but with no big success. Is 2018 their year? They bring one of the few songs in Romanian language and in the huge number of ballads tonight, this harder entry may actually stand out. As of the staging, we see the whole group on the stage – the lead singer, two electric guitarists, a drum player, female violinist and Pan flute player. In the background, there are flames and some war video shoots. They work quite OK with the song as the title translates into English as Heart on the left.

Constantin CobîleanNumai Tu

And, the stream of rock songs continues with Constantin Cobîlean and his song Only You. A strange title for a rock song? Well, that’s for the Moldovan speakers to decide. Constantin is joined by a band on the stage and the LED graphics seems a little bit too chaotical, but it fits the idea of this performance.

DoReDosMy Lucky Day

DoReDos are definitely one of the favourites to win tonight’s show. Mostly because their song comes from the so-called “dream team” of Philipp Kirkorov and John Ballard. The song also includes the national elements and trumpets so maybe they hope to fly on the success of the Epic Sax Guy from Kyiv. The refrain is quite catchy, even though it is a regular 4-chord song. Also, the lyrics sound like a basic rhyming with no bigger creativity.

What worth to point out is definitely the staging with five big rectangular mirrors and the dancers and some members of the group DoReDos behind them. Only those who are singing or dancing at the moment are in front of those mirrors. Vocally they are on point during all the performance including all the harmonies. In the end, the national elements in the sound and dance, together with the vocal performance is the combination that may work well with both the juries and the audience.

SandyC & Aaron SibleyOnce Upon a Time

After a quick dance entry, SandyC and Aaron Sibley come with a fairytale-like love ballad quite apt titled Once Upon a Time. Aaron is sitting at the white piano while SandyC is in the background. During the performance, she moves to the front stage and in the end, she returns back. The song is really sweet with no dis-harmonies throughout the performance.

Anna OdobescuAgony

Anna’s song is more than a normal ballad, a rock ballad, and a good one of its kind. She is alone on the stage and no backing vocalists in the background to save her. But that’s not something Anna needs. She slays it with a grace and the performance is vocally flawless.

Nicoleta Sava – Esencia del Sur

Nicoleta stands out among the other finalists as she brings the fast flamenco-themed song sung in the Spanish language. Four male dancers with black hats are dancing around Nicoleta as a trumpet player appears in the last part of the song. Essence of the South is quite an apt translation as this song could fit really well to the Spanish national final rather than to the Moldovan one.

Doinița Gherman & OneVoiceDance in Flames

Doinița Gherman is maybe one of the most well-known participants tonight and she again joined her forces with Ylva and Linda Persson. They worked together already in 2016 when she had her entry Irresistible in the national final. She didn’t win but represented Moldova in the Baltic song contest with that song. And on both occasions, the Persson sisters were with her on stage.

So it is no surprise that they flew from Sweden to Moldova to do the backing vocal for their entry, and support Doinița. Besides that, two female dancers with flame-like sleeves are on the stage just as a nude muscled male dancer dressed only in his underwear. As a bonus to the vocally flawless performance, this uptempo dance song is not entirely in English but partially in Romanian as Doinița also recorded a full Romanian version of the song. Bilingual songs may work well at Eurovision, so let’s wait if 2018 is the year of Doinița.

Felicia DunafAlien

Also, Felicia Dunaf comes with a faster song. She is joined by three male dancers and two female vocalists on stage. The song is vocally on point and the background graphics are in the theme of the title Alien and looks like a space nebula.

ViorelaThe Gates of Love

Viorela starts her performance playing on the violin, but quickly switches to the mic and as she starts singing, her friend continues playing the violin to the sound of this love ballad. The song is not an easy one, but Viorela sings it with no difficulties. There is also a male dancer and a female backing vocalist.

Vera ȚurcanuBlack Heart

Vera brought a bed with her on stage! The bed has rubber stripes with which Vera and her dancer (maybe a lover?) work during their dance. The whole concept reminds us of a Sia video. It is also worth mentioning that Vera dances a lot during her performance and still is able to sing through it all. And she is flawless. That is something that should be at least partially awarded.

Ruslan TsarCome to Life

Ruslan closes the show tonight with a party disco song. Four vocalists are also on the stage and behind their microphones, they also dance a little. Unfortunately, Ruslan is not sure in his vocals and the whole concept of the song and its performance is a little bit more dated.

The Show

After the introduction, the show started off with the songs one by one with just short interruptions from the green room beside the commercial ads. After the last performance, the voting opened and we saw few interval acts including Sunstroke Project, Moldova’s last representatives. The voting closed and then jury voted. After the commercial break, the votes of the televoting were revealed. In the end, DoReDos performed again their ESC entry My Lucky Day.

The Results

The results are made of the votes of the professional jury (50 %) and televoting (50 %).

After the jury voting, TOP 3 was: DoReDos, Vera Țurcanu, and Anna Odobescu.

TOP 3 of the televote was: DoReDos, Tolik and Nicoleta Sava.

In the end, the winner was announced – DoReDos, followed by Vera Țurcanu and Doinița Gherman & OneVoice. The full results are in the table below.

Moldova 2018 – Results

Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest

Moldova has a good qualification rate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of its 13 appearances, Moldova failed to qualify only 4 times – in 2008 and then during a 3 years strike from 2014 to 2016. With achieving their best result so far last year in Kyiv with the second participation of Sunstroke Project, Moldova now has high hopes to win soon. If 2018 is the of Moldova is difficult to judge now, but in the meantime, you can remind Hey Mamma in a special multicam version.

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EMA 2018: Lea Sirk wins Slovenian Eurovision ticket

EMA 2018: Lea Sirk wins Slovenian Eurovision ticket

Lea Sirk beat seven other acts in tonight’s Slovenian EMA final. With upbeat song Ne, hvala!, Lea will be Slovenia’s representative for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. 

Last Saturday, 16 acts competed in a preliminary heat from where 8 acts were chosen for tonight’s final. Surprisingly, we saw two former Eurovision participants not able to make the cut. They were 2016 participant ManuElla, who at Eurovision failed to reach the final with the song Blue And Red, and Tanja Ribič, who in 1997 scored a 10th place in the final performing Zbudi Se.

Involved in this year’s Slovenian EMA selection was also their 2011 participant Maja Keuc. Not as a performer though as she was one of four people in a special committee, that chose the 16 acts in the run to represent their country this year.

Let’s take a closer look at tonight’s national final:


  • 1 The show
  • 2 The eight songs
  • 3 The Results
  • 4 Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest

The show

Presented by Raiven and Vid Valič, this year’s Evrovizijska Melodija featured a quadrangular LED stage surrounded by two mirrors that obviously allowed for great special effects.

It wasn’t long until the eight songs started being presented and one hour after, the lines were opened for the public vote.

While the lines were opened, one of Omar Naber recent songs was performed by a dancer and the show’s host, Raiven, also took her chance to perform one of her songs. Maja Keuc took the stage last to perform her most recent song.

The eight songs

1. Lea SirkNe, hvala!

Surely the most upbeat song of the competition. In a blue background, Lea Sirk performed the electrifying Ne, hvala! with a bunch of dancers. Definitely a great choice to start the show.

2. IndigoVesna

Rather traditional, Indigo had barely any changes on their performance when compared to the semi final’s. Vesna is way slower than the previous performer yet it also stays visually on your mind with her flower halo.

3. Ina ShaiGlow

In a black dress, Ina Shai presented one of the night’s best staging making it quite magical. It was another ballad yet a great production.

4. BQLPromise

Impossible to ignore BQL when they have glowing guitars going all around. BQL’s long work with 2015’s Slovenian representative Marayaa could also give the song some extra boost.

5. Marina MartenssonBlizu

Maybe the most simplistic staging, outfit and even song. Marina Martensson failed to create an impact with such strong competition.

6. Lara KadisZdaj Sem Tu

In a dress resembling Disney stories, Lara Kadis presented a strong ballad that surely created a sweet but strong moment.

7. ProperUkraden Cvet

Despite the simplicity of their song, Proper had one of the most interesting stages that could easily remind Salvador Sobral’s performance at last year’s Eurovision.

8. Nuška DraščekNe Zapusti Me Zdaj

Nuška had perhaps the most Eurovision friendly song with a great sing-along chorus. Her fierce stage presence was also a great plus to the overall result.

The Results

As common in many countries, and at the Eurovision Song Contest, Slovenia also used the 50/50 combination of jury and televote to select their participant. Last year, their jury was geographically spread, tonight they represented various professions: Singer, composer, radio industry, TV industry, OGAE fanclub and finally an international jury composed by Kristian Kostov, Aminata, Bojana Stamenov, Emmelie De Forest and Dami Im.

When all votes were in, Lea Sirk ended up summing 116 points even though she wasn’t the public’s favorite. BQL ranked second with 106 points and Nuška Drašček third with 88 points.

Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Three top 10 results, but no victories yet, those are the top facts about Slovenia’s Eurovision journey, however their last top 10 was a 7th place in 2001 to Nuša Derenda, which was also a tied best for the country. It matched Darja Švajger’s 7th place from 1995.

Since the introduction of semi-finals in 2004, it hasn’t been easy being a Slovenian Eurovision fan. They missed the final 10 times, and only made it four times. We have to go back to Maraaya in 2015 to find the last Slovenian appearance. Her entry Here For You finished 14th.

This year, Slovenia will try to reach the final from the second semi-final. On paper, this semi-final looks to be the stronger of the two, however Slovenia had a bit of luck at the draw as they are guaranteed to perform in the last half.

In the video below, take a look at Lea Sirk’s performance in EMA’s semi final:

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Ukraine 2018: Mélovin will go to Lisbon

Ukraine 2018: Mélovin will go to Lisbon

Ukraine have chosen to send Mélovin to Lisbon. There was plenty of drama in tonight’s final including accusations of lip synching. Does Ukraine have what it takes to have a third victory when the contest arrives in Portugal in a few months time?

Mélovin has been voted as the winner of Ukraine’s National Selection Show Vidbir. He has a busy few months ahead as he and his team get him ready to perform on the big stage in Lisbon. His song Under The Ladder won the second heat of the competition last weekend and has come up trumps again this evening. The X Factor Ukraine winner has a lot of work to do. Despite his nice vocal abilities, some fans were concerned that his English pronunciation needed some work. Some could not understand what he was singing, hopefully he will take steps to improve this as he prepares for Eurovision.

It was pretty much a two horse race this evening. Both Tayanna and Mélovin’s performances were stepped up a gear in tonight’s show. Tayanna gave a more energetic  performance with more elaborate staging. Melovin performed the latter part of his song at the piano above the stage. The frame of the base was on fire which added an extra spark to the performance.

The Show

Each performer took to the stage. The order was decided during last weekend following the results in heat 2. Each finalist was invited to the stage to select a blank envelope. Inside the envelope was a number from 1-6. The competitors performed in the following order:

  1. Kadnay
  2. Tayanna
  3. The Erised
  4. Laud
  5. Vilna
  6. Melovin

At the end of each performance, judges Jamala, Andriy Danylko (Verka Serduchka) and Eugene Filatov critiqued the artist and their performances. As usual, they did not hold back in their comments. Andriy Danylko went a step further.. perhaps a step too far according to some viewers as he unleashed an attack on Tayanna. Following her performance of Leyla which saw her step up a gear since last weekend’s show, Danylko accused her to lip synching. Tayanna rebuffed these comments be breaking out into song to prove she could reach the high notes. This didn’t stop Danylko who continued to press her.  Tayanna’s manager who was sat in the audience leaped to her defence screaming “Andriy, shame on you!”

After a voting break, the show returned. Judge Jamala who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 took to the stage to serve as interval act, just as she did in Kyiv last year. Luckily for her there were no stage invaders this time and she was able to perform her new single Крила / Wings. 

Some of the competitors also returned to the stage as part of the interval performance. Vilna sang Jamala’s 2016 winning song 1944 with The Erised singing Molitva by Marija Šerifović.

The Results

Following the recent pattern the votes were announced first starting with the jury and followed by the result of the televote. Host Serhiy Pritula asked the judges one by one how they rated each of the performers. Next it was time for Serhiy to announce the results of the televote. Each viewer could only vote once for a contestant per phone number. In total they received 179000 votes.

Here you can see a full breakdown of the results:

Melovin 5 6 11
Tayanna 6 4 10
Kadnay 3 5 8
Laud 4 2 6
The Erised 2 1 3
Vilna 1 3 4

You can see the winning performance below. Melovin with his song Under The Ladder.

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The first acts make the final of Lithuania’s Eurovizijos Atranka 2018

The first acts make the final of Lithuania’s Eurovizijos Atranka 2018

In Lithuania tonight, three acts made it to the final of the Lithuanian Eurovizijos Atranka 2018. The final will be held in Kaunas on March 11th, with many secret special guests to appear

For now, though, the Eurovizijos Atranka semi final one started with seven acts, including wildcard Greta Zazza, but by the end of the show, four acts were sent packing.


  • 1 The Hosts
  • 2 The Songs
  • 3 The  Judges
  • 4 Lithuania At The Eurovision Song Contest

The Hosts

Ugnė Skonsmanaite was dressed in a golden evening dress with shimmering sequins. Manto Stonkaus was smart in a black suit, that only a first semi-final deserves.

Baltasis Kiras performed after all the public voting was finished. Surely the judges aren’t waiting to see how that goes, before casting their vote.

We could have done without 120 performing Uptown Funk, but the silver foxed judge behind them seemed to be enjoying himself.

The Songs

Gabrielius VagelisThe Distant

What a difference a costume makes. Still wearing the purple shirt, but a more appropriate one, Gabrielius is in great singing form. For the first time, you were able to concentrate on the song. It is a slow dramatic number allowing the backing singers plenty opportunity to join in. The judges were pleased.

GeraiGerai and Silvija PankūnaitėMore Than You Know

Back with his coat of many items, GeraiGerai had competition this week when Silvija wore a costume even weirder than Monika, a couple of weeks back. Looking like a robot from the future, this is one of those urban city numbers. The pounding keyboards kept things moving along, and Silvija sang as if her Eurovision survival depended on it.

Kotryna JuodzevičiūtėThat Girl

Back trying to look cool in her pink pantsuit, and her band of young whippersnappers came Kotryna with her song which just may be too cool for school. With a well-choreographed number, Kotryna held her on with the song. Looking good and ready for Lisbon.

The RoopYes, I Do

A big favourite with the public, this is a modern pop group singing an instantly catchy song. Still in the same pajama top, but a pair of bright red trousers, the lead singer gets on top of Ruta Loop’s box to perform as only a lead singer can. A blue and white apron can also be spotted. The guitarist, keyboardist and drummer did well too. Can Lithuania risk another band this year?

Godo –Fire Fountain

Looking a little bit tired after her big concert the other night, Godo returned with this very original number. The performance and song are a breath of fresh air in the show, but may just be too left of centre for Eurovision. Having said that, Lithuania should make the final this year if they have the sense to send this.

Greta Zazza –Broken Shadows

Back for another turn after being eliminated last week, Greta needed to give her all tonight. With a dress that Godo wouldn’t look out of place in, Greta stood and just sang the song perfectly. There is no doubt this is very Eurovision friendly with a killer chorus. It looks as if this isn’t going to be the Lithuanian entry this year, which is a shame. Hopefully, Greta will go on to greater things.

Jurgis Brūzga –4Love

Yet another entry with Eurovision potential. Lithuania is turning up the heat this year and this is only the first semi final. With comparisons to Sweden’s entry last year, due to the dancing, the song stands on its own. A great performance. Let’s see how the voting went.

The  Judges

Ramūnas Zilnys – judging this show has aged him way beyond his years
Tomas Sinickis – musician
Giedrė Kilčiauskienė – surely Surie, the U.K’s entry’s mother
Dalia Ibelhauptaitė – opera singer extraordinaire

The Results

 Gabrielius Vagelis4 487
 GeraiGerai and Silvija Pankūnaitė57126
 Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė10 6163Final
 The Roop712192Final
Greta Zazza68144
Jurgis Brūzga1210221Final

Lithuania At The Eurovision Song Contest

With its long selection shows, you would think that Lithuania could spot a winning song. Sadly this has generally proven not to be true. Lithuania has only made the top ten twice, since her first entry in 1994.

The much-maligned We Are The Winners is still their highest performing song and they even use it still to introduce the Eurovizijos Atranka each week.

Ten weeks last year saw them choose Fusedmarc and Rain Of Revolution. For all their hard work, the song finished 17th in its semifinal, with Lithuania absent from the grand final, for the sixth time.

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Armenian drama: Tamar Kaprelian accuses producers and Asmik Shiroyan of foul play

Armenian drama: Tamar Kaprelian accuses producers and Asmik Shiroyan of foul play

Did the Armenia broadcaster rig their result in order to get fan favourite Tamar Kaprelian out? And did Asmik Shiroyan copy her ideas? On social networks, Tamar has been actively working on those thoughts after her elimination from national selection Depi Evratesil.

Ever since the Armenian candidates for this year were revealed, Tamar Kaprelian’s Poison (Ari Ari) was pointed out as the favourite to represent the country at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. With this being said, it was quite unexpected to watch Kaprelian being eliminated out of the show’s first semi final.

The fans couldn’t believe the result, and Tamar still can’t as well. The singer believes that Depi Evratesil’s production team rigged the results in order for her to be eliminated. After a few fans claimed they didn’t receive a confirmation of their votes, Tamar stated: “Many many many many people have texted our team saying their SMS votes in Armenia never went through.” Tamar even retweeted:

Armenia doesnt want to host esc + @TamarKaprelian has a winning song = sms “weirdly” not working for tamar #depievratesil

— non mi avete fatto niente 🇮🇹 | turin 2019 (@itrenidiTozeur) February 19, 2018

As if that isn’t enough, the former Armenian representative recorded an Insta Story to accuse one of the show’s second semi final performer – Asmik Shiroyan – of copying her ideas: “Someone stole our ideas about the masks… For sure… For sure”, she says.

One can say Tamar really wanted to represent Armenia once again after her 2015 participation, and is not taking this smoothly. After facing backlash about her live vocals, Tamar even uploaded a video of herself singing an acoustic version of Poison (Ari Ari).

In the video below you can watch Tamar’s semi-final performance. Were her vocals spot on, or is it fair to say she lost because of that? Judge for yourself.

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Unser Lied für Lissabon: Michael Schulte will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Unser Lied für Lissabon: Michael Schulte will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Germany has decided. It will be up to Michael Schulte to change their recent poor Eurovision results. The outcome tonight was decided in a three-way split between the public vote, a big Eurovision fan panel and an international jury.

Tonight, it was time for Germany to decide which act and song they were going to send to Lisbon in order to represent the country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Unser Lied für Lissabon featured six acts, each with their own song written at a recent songwriter boot camp.

The decision was divided between three parts, each worth 33% of the decision: an international jury panel built off 19 judges that featured names such as Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014) and Margaret Berger (Norway 2013), a panel of Eurovision fans (who applied online) and, of course, the German audience.


  • 1 The Show
  • 2 The participants and songs
  • 3 The Results
  • 4 Germany At The Eurovision Song Contest

The Show

Held in Studio Berlin Adlershof, the first images of the show started at 20:15 CET sharp as scheduled. Unser Lied für Lissabon was hosted by Linda Zerkavis, in a dark blue pant-suit, and Elton, wearing trainers and jeans.

The circular stage allowed for a lot of coloured lights and for plenty movement for the artists.

The interval act was rapper Mike Singer, who performed his song Deja Vu. There was also a montage of this years chosen entries from Switzerland, Albania, France, United Kingdom (she was called an Annie Lennox look a like) , Spain and Czech Republic.

The participants and songs

Natia ToduaMy Own Way

After a postcard of Natia spending the day shopping, the show began. Natia won the seventh season of the Voice of Germany. In a white contraption, Natia has a voice like Amy Winehouse. Two female backing singers helped the anthemic chorus along. Natia engaged with the audience as the song reached its climax, garnering a lot of applause.

RykYou and I

Ryk was shown in black and white visiting with an orchestra in his postcard. Seems he very much likes to be in a studio recording. Ryk sits at his piano while a young lady writhes on top of it, acrobatic style. The ballad is very intimate. At the chorus, our acrobat turns into a ballerina. A string quartet adds some more drama to the song. The song really rises towards the end, drawing much applause. Clearly a very personal song to Ryk.

voXXclub – I Mog Di So

Chilling in the snow is how five-piece voXXclub like to entertain themselves when they’re not performing. It would be fair to say that the difference between Ryk’s and this song, is chalk and cheese. The group warmed up in a barn before taking to the stage. A bit of yodelling starts the song and the schlager begins.  Knee-slapping, a catchy beat and a barely choreographed dance routine followed. Great for the Munich Beer Festival, but will Germany rate it high enough to send to Lissabon.

See alsoSerbia: Sanja Ilić & Balkanika win Beovizija 2018

 Xavier DarcyJonah

Xavier was filmed around town performing in various locales in his postcard.This was the first of two songs co-written by Danish songwriter Thomas Stengaard. Thomas is best known as a co-writer of Denmark’s winning song in 2013, Emmelie De Forest and Only Teardrops. No pipe to introduce this song, as Xavier features alone with his guitar. A slow acoustic start bursts into a vigorous chorus, and a brass instrument is added for extra effect. Another song that sounded very personal, but in a more boisterous manner than Ryk. Xavier received a standing ovation.

Ivy QuainooHouse On Fire

Ivy was filmed chatting about the very soulful music she has already released, a very pleasant listen.  Starting with a very close up shot, you could see the accessories in her ears and hair. Ivy is all dressed in black and has a very soothing singing voice. Fire shot up around the stage as Ivy performed in what looked like gold spray on. This was a simple no-nonsense song which showed of Ivy’s vocals, particularly in the powerhouse chorus.

 Michael SchulteYou Let Me Walk Alone

The second of the two songs co-written by Dane, Thomas Stengaard. Again Michael was very much filmed in the studios. He could be heard singing Fly On The Wings Of Love. In front of a black and white video of Michael’s memories, the singer performed his touching ballad, with a piano very much in the background. Germany seems to have gone very much for simplicity this year, generally.

The Results

ActJury voteEurovision PanelPublic voteTotal
Natia Todua 5 6 617
Ryk10 8 523
voXXclub6 5 1021
Xavier Darcy8 10725
Ivy Quainoo7 7 822
Michael Schulte12 121236

Germany At The Eurovision Song Contest

Things haven’t been easy for Germany lately. For the three past years, the country finished last two years in a row (2015 and 2016) and almost did it a third time, after a penultimate position in 2017 with Levina and her Perfect Life.

Nonetheless, it isn’t all bad. At the beginning of this decade, Germany was crowned the winner of the competition in 2010 with Lena’s Satellite. In the following two years, they also achieved top 10 results.

The country, automatically qualified for the final as a Big 5 country, are now at two victories as they also won the 1982 contest with Nicole and Ein bißchen Frieden.

Below you can watch the winning song.

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