Iceland’s Söngvakeppnin 2018 completed its final line up tonight

Iceland’s Söngvakeppnin 2018 completed its final line up tonight

Tonight the second semi-final of Iceland’s Söngvakeppnin took place with another three acts filling the final three slots.

The final of Söngvakeppnin 2018 will be held on March 3, so there will be another two weeks until we find out the Icelandic representative.All of tonight’s songs had to be sung in Icelandic.

The Songs

Aron Hannes – Golddigger

Returning after his wonderful entry last year, Aron has an eighties type funky dance number this year. Performed as expected with a troupe of backing dancers, they were all dressed in white T-shirts. This should sail into the final.

Rakel Pálsdóttir – Óskin mín

Also back for another try is Rakel, who’s been landed with a song, very similar to Michael Jackson’s Ben. As a result, it would seem this should likely qualify. A quiet gentle song with no gimmicks. other than it is well sung. Rakel performed the song sitting on a stair, shaped like a bed, in a light pink robe-like gown. She was accompanied by one man and two female backing singers, plus a cellist.

Stefanía, Agnes & Regína – Svaka stuð

Three daughters with a song similar to Queens of Roses Fisherman in Lithuania’s shows last year – yes check that out. The song has a bit of a dance beat but again it’s from Top Of The Pops in the seventies. The harmonies were pretty good though. Dressed in old glammy type costumes the whole feel of the performance was flashy disco, including a glitter ball, two Weather Girls types and a sleazy dancing DJ.

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Þórir & Gyða – Brosa

The first duo of the evening and the token Ed Sheeran type number, in fact, look away at the beginning and you’d think it was Ed. However as the song continues it becomes an acoustic country styled song, which makes it stand out a bit more. A mouth organ completes the package. Oh and a four piece backing band lounging on couches behind them.

Dagur Sigurðsson – Í stormi

A piano lead in introduces Dagur, at what at first appears may be an operatic type song. Instead, it is a plodding big sound ballad, at times sounding a bit like Journey. A marching band drum accompanies the song towards the final up-lifting chorus. A four piece backing choir helps the song along.

Áttan – Hér með þér

This has a light mellow beat to it, with the duo singing they will be here for you. Again, four backing singers are used as a distraction as the song is not all that much of a dance number. Pleasent and colourful but not outstanding. The audience though gave it the biggest cheer of the evening, so its probably going to the final.

The Results

The Icelandic public chose the there acts to go to the final. They are

Aron Hannes – Golddigger

Áttan – Hér með þér

Dagur Sigurðsson – Í stormi

Iceland At The Eurovision Song Contest

For such a small country, Iceland has sent some pretty good entries to the Eurovision. In the nineties, Sigga was a regular competitor with her bands, Stjórnin in 1990 and Heart 2 Heart in 1992 and as a  solo artist in 1994. The songs Eitt lag enn, Nei eða já and Nætur, placed 4th, 7th, and 12th respectively.

In 2003 Birgitta opened the contest with Open Your Heart, which placed 8th giving Iceland, their fourth out of five top ten results.

In 2008 Euroband rescued the country from three nonqualifying years, and took This Is My Life to 14th place.

Svala and Paper, last year has now completed the second set of three nonqualifying years for Iceland. They will no doubt be hoping this losing streak ends this year.

Below is the first of tonight’s finalists, Aron Hannes and Golddigger.

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Estonia: Meet the last five finalists of Eesti Laul 2018

Estonia: Meet the last five finalists of Eesti Laul 2018

The five last finalists for Estonia’s Eest Laul 2018 were just selected. The alternative group Frankie Animal and the sassy Nika were amongst the chosen ones and will compete at the show’s Grand Finale next 3rd of March.

Last week, Stig Rästa, Elina Netšajeva, Vajé, Iiris & Agoh and Sibyl Vane were crowned as the five first finalists of Estonia’s Eesti Laul’s 2018. Tonight, the five last ones were selected during the show’s second semi final.

As of now, the show will take a week break to comeback next 3rd of March for its Grand Finale where only one will be crowned as the winner and will travel to Lisbon to represent Estonia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.


  • 1 The Show
  • 2 The Songs
  • 3 The Results
  • 4 Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest

The Show

Just like the previous week, Kristen Aaslaid and Martin Veisman were in charge of the show’s presentation and for the interviews with the ten contestants.

The performances were again more pre-recorded.

The Songs

1. Marju LänikTäna otsuseid ei tee

With a very feminine performance and song, Estonian singer Marju performed in a dressed decorated with butterflies. The song could be seen as a soft Pop tune with a few Country influences.

2. Rolf RoosaluShow a Little Love

Bringing the 80s back to life, Rolf’s song could easily be an homage to Michael Jackson’s sound back in the day. It may, nonetheless, sound a bit dated for Eurovision in 2018.

3. Frankie Animal(Can’t Keep Calling) Misty

Alternative music was kept alive during this second semi final with Frankie Animal (and not only). The band guided by Jan-Christopher Soovik brought to life one of the most interesting performances of the night.

4. Eliis Pärna & Gerli PadarSky

The duo truly represented a sky filled with stars on stage. Sky was the only ballad presented during Eesti Laul’s second semi final.

5. Indrek VentmannTempel

Talking about good performances. Indrek Ventmann’s performance was one of the most dynamic ones even if he was sitting throughout the entire thing. Worth watching.

6. EvestusWelcome to My World

Rock and roll made a comeback with Evestus that presented a rather distorted song with a rather strange scenario featuring men dressed as women.

7. Karl Kristjan & Karl KillingYoung (feat. Wateva)

Just like last week, the performances featured a few special effects as they were pre-recorded. During this semi final, it was Young that featured the biggest effects making it a quite colorful performance.

8. MetsakutsuKoplifornia

During the first semi final, Tiiu, Okym and Semy brought Estonian rap back to life. This week, it was up to Metsakutsu to fill in the role.

9. Girls In PearlsSpellbound

Dressed in white, the twins delivered one of the best productions of the night even if their performance was rather simple. Their song was clearly influenced by new alternative pop sounds that have encountered success recently.

10. NikaKnock Knock

Think of an Estonian Iggy Azalea and you have Nika. Besides the great staging and the quite disturbing outfits of her dancers, Nika performed one of the most interesting songs of this second semi final where she mixed Pop, Rap and a few ethnic sounds.

The Results

In order to determine the five qualifiers, the jury’s votes were mixed with the televoting – each being worth 50%. Initially, the four most voted acts were announced. Later, the voting lines were opened once more and the fifth most voted act made it through.

Marju Länik
Rolf Roosalu
Frankie AnimalQualified
Eliis Pärna & Gerli PadarQualified
Indrek Ventmann
Karl Kristjan & Karl KillingQualified
Girls In Pearls

Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Despite having won the contest once back in 2001, Estonia has failed to qualify two years in a row, having ranked last in 2016 with Play.

The country has been participating in Eurovision since 1993 and has a total of 24 participations. Out of those 24, nine times it finished among the contest’s top 10.

In recent year’s, the last time Estonia has made it through Eurovision’s Grand Finale was back to 2015 when Stig Rästa and Elina Born performed Goodbye To Yesterday. Remind yourself of their performance in the show’s Grand Finale:

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Mélovin, Tayanna and Kadnay through to Ukrainian final

Mélovin, Tayanna and Kadnay through to Ukrainian final

Mélovin, Tayanna and Kadnay have secured a place into the final of the Ukrainian National Selection. Do any of these 3 new finalists have what it takes to win the competition?

The second heat of the Ukrainian National selection show, Vidbir is over. Mélovin won the heat, with Tayanna and Kadnay coming just behind. In the final they will join Laud, The Erised and Vilna in the final who won first heat.


  • 1 The Songs
  • 2 The Show
  • 3 The Results

The Songs

IngretSave My Planet

Former X Factor and The Voice participant, Ingret brought her unique style and energy to the competition. She performed her song wearing an oversized metallic coat and shorts combo on top of a hot pink body suit. She commanded the stage like a pro and oozed confidence. Ingret was alone on the stage, relying on just herself and the LED display to make an impact.

Mélovin Under The Ladder

Mélovin placed in 3rd place last year and has decided to try his luck again. The song starts softly and gradually builds up into the chorus.

He took to the stage in his signature quirky style and novelty contact lens. Mélovin put in a solid performance with excellent vocals and energy. Half way through the performance, he whipped off his long black jacket and threw away his mic stand. He continued the performance from his piano. At first, the melody was slowed down and then turned into an explosion of energy and vigour which carried the song through until the end. At the end of the performance was a rapturous applause from the studio audience.

JulinozaKhto Ya – Who am I?

The song starts with a long piano intro with the first lyrics of the song appearing almost half a minute into the track. Khto Ya has an eccentric feel to it, as does Julianoza and her performance. The song is very light on lyrics with an artistic flare, which added uniqueness and charm to the song.

The performance started with blue eye, as the camera panned out we saw Julinoza sat at the piano where she stayed for the entire performance. The eye continued to be a feature of the performance as it was printed on Julinoza’s t-shirt and drawn onto her hand. At the end Andriy Danylko congratulated Julinoza on her performance.


Last year’s runner up songstress Tayanna is back for another go. Last year she took the stage with her power ballad I Love You where she narrowly lost out to O.Torvald.

Originally Tayanna was meant to be competing her way to Lisbon with the song Kvitka. The song was selected by public vote out of 3 other songs. Unfortunately for Tayanna Kvitka was disqualified as it has breached Eurovision’s rules. According to the broadcaster, Kvitka had already been performanced prior to the September 1st cut off date.

A very different song to what she presented last year, Leila is an up-tempo track with a retro twist. Tayanna sings about a girl called Leyla who fell in love with the wrong person, she cried so much that she filled half of the sea with her tears.

The song was performed entirely in Ukrainian. Tayanna started the performance with her back to the camera, her blonde hair draped over her orange dress. She was joined on the stage with three backing dancers in nearly identical dresses. Tayanna gave an energetic performance with flawless vocals and received a great response from the studio audience.

KadnayBeat Of The Universe

It was then time for Indie electro-pop duo Kadnay to show their efforts. Dima Kadnay took the lead on vocals with Phil Kolyadenko providing backing vocals and keyboard.  Beat Of The Universe is a perfect mix of indie and electro-pop. The group wore some unusual outfits with Dima Kadnay wearing a long black tunic which in some angles looked like he was wearing a dress. In the middle of the song the duo broke out into dance which was well received by the audience. They made the most out of strobe lighting and lighting effects to enhance the performance and showed themselves as excellent contenders in the competition.

YurcashStop Killing Love

Then it was time for some, as front-man Yuri Yurko describes as, ‘intelligent-intellectual punk rock’. Stop Killing Love starts off as a good, solid rock song with heavy guitar intro. Yurcash were dressed in beige and brown rags and Yurko’s microphone stand was wrapped in thorns. It was a bizarre performance from beginning to end but thoroughly entertaining and interesting.

Mountain Breeze –  I See You

Mountain Breeze are no strangers to Ukrainian television. They took part in Ukraine’s Got Talent in 2017 and The X Factor in 2016. Mountain Breeze are a young trio from Poltava in East Ukraine. Fronted by lead vocalist Sasha, the band took to the stage, each playing their own individual instruments. I See You has a sweet melody but seemed to lack impact on stage.

Illaria Syla – Power

Last year’s 5th place finalist Illaria was back for another attempt. Illaria brought traditional ethnic sounds to her song. Syla was written by Illaria, specifically for Eurovision because she wanted to inspire people to believe in themselves and overcome life’s difficulties. Illaria performed the song partially in Ukrainian and in English.

Ilarria took to the stage in a long white and gold gown and a spectacular gold head dress. Behind her was an ensemble of backing singers, all playing traditional Ukrainian instruments such as the Trembita that some might remember from Ruslana’s Wild Dances. Illaria put in a solid performance with perfect vocals and held a strong presence on the stage.

DilemmaNa Pati – On the party

Bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom. It was time to party. Dilemma burst onto the screen with their song On the party which brought the first part of the show to a close. The track is a modern floor filler filled with rapping vocals. In the lyrics Dilemma want everyone to wake up and party.

As expected, the performance was full of fun, colour and energy, there was even a dancing pink dog!

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The Show

The Ukrainian selection show was once again broadcast from the Palace of Culture in Kyiv. Serhiy Pritula returned as the host and lead the show until it’s conclusion with Ruslan Quinta behind the scenes as the producer.

Andriy Danylko (Verka Serduchka) returned as a judge along with 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala. They were joined by new judge Eugene Filatov from The Maneken and Onuka.

This year’s French Eurovision participant Madame Monsieur joined as special guests tonight. They performed their French final winning track Mercy. .

The Results

It was a 50/50 split between the judges and the public televote, which decided the outcome. When host Serhiy Pritula invited the contestants back onto the stage for the results it was Mélovin who received the biggest cheer, closely followed by Tayanna. The results were read out, first it was the judges turn to read out their votes with the public votes closely following.

It was Mélovin, Tayanna and Kadnay who won the most votes overall and secured their places in the final. Do any of them have what it takes to win?
All six acts for the final will compete for the golden ticket next Saturday, on the 24th of February. The winner will represent Ukraine at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Hungary 2018: Boys Aboard! A Dal Grand Final all-male lineup complete

During the second Semi-Final of Hungary’s national selection show A Dal 2018 the last four finalists have been determined. Now we are only one step away from finding out who will represent the Central European country in Lisbon. One thing is already for sure: it’s not going to be a female artist. Grand Final next Saturday!


  • 1 The songs
  • 2 The show
  • 3 The results
  • 4 Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest

The songs

The following nine songs have been performed during the second Semi-Final

  1. AWS – Viszlát nyár
  2. Ceasefire X – Satellites
  3. Cintia Horváth & Tomi BaloghJourney
  4. Tamás HorváthMeggyfa
  5. Viktor KirályBudapest Girl
  6. Odett – Aranyhal
  7. Nikoletta Szőke – Attila Kökény – Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos – Életre kel
  8. Tamás VastagNe hagyj reményt
  9. yesyes – I Let You Run Away

Some of the performances saw a couple of changes compared to the heats: Cintia Horváth and Tomi Balogh performed a longer version of their song, Odett was joined by four female vocalists this time on stage, while Tamás Vastag had brand new LED graphics. The band yesyes has made some changes in their music.

The show

Our hosts of the show were once again Krisztina Rátonyi and Gábor Alfréd Fehérvári or, as we all know him from 2016, Freddie. Members of the jury panel were rock musician Károly Frenreisz, actress Judit Schell, the lead singer of the band Magna Cum Laude, Misi Mező, and songwriter Miklós Both. The combination of the scores given by them and the viewers at home have determined the first three qualifiers. The fourth and last finalist has been chosen by only the televoters.

During the show it was been revealed that Odett’s song Aranyhal has won the award for the Best Lyrics of the Year. Hungary’s 1998 Eurovision representative Charlie, and Adrien Szekeres (who finished 2nd behind Csézy at Hungary’s national selection back in 2008) performed a wonderful duet as tonight’s interval act.

The results

Artist / SongKárolyJuditMisiMiklósViewersTotal / Rank
AWS – Viszlát nyár 910 10 10 46 / 1st 
Ceasefire X – Satellites 8998640 / 4th
Cintia Horváth & Tomi BaloghJourney 8888436 / 9th
Tamás Horváth – Meggyfa38 / 5th 
Viktor Király – Budapest Girl 1042 / 3rd 
Odett – Aranyhal 8888537 / 6th
N. Szőke – A. Kökény – R. Szakcsi Lakatos – Életre kel 8988437 / 7th
Tamás VastagNe hagyj reményt 8877636 / 8th
yesyes – I Let You Run Away 910 45 / 2nd 

The Top 3 has automatically qualified to the Grand Final, The televoters have saved Tamás Horváth in the second voting round.

That means these acts still have a chance to get the right to represent Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, alongside with the qualifiers from the first Semi-Final:

  • Gergely DánielfyAzt mondtad
  • Zsolt SüleZöld a május
  • Gábor Heincz “BIGA”Good Vibez
  • Leander KillsNem szól harang

Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest

Hungary debuted at Eurovision in 1994 in Dublin. Friderika Bayer’s 4th position from that year is still the country’s best ever result at the contest. After a longer period of withdrawals and returns, Hungary has participated at the Eurovision Song Contest every year since 2011.

In 2012, broadcaster MTVA launched the new national selection format; A Dal, which has quickly become popular and also successful. Since their 2011 return, Hungary has qualified to the Grand Final every single time – that means a series of seven qualifications in a row. On three occasions (2013, 2014 and 2017), they even finished in the Top 10 of the Grand Final.

This time let’s take a look back at Charlie’s performance at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham. He finished in 23rd position with his song A holnap már nem lesz szomorú.

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Latvia’s Supernova 2018 sends the final two acts to the final

Latvia’s Supernova 2018 sends the final two acts to the final

The third heat of Latvia’s Supernova 2018 took place tonight with the final two acts being selected for next week’s final.

Tonight’s Supernova was the most difficult to qualify from, with all seven performances good enough to go to the final. In the end, the choices were made, leaving seven singers and songs in the final. The winner will represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in May, in Lisbon.


  • 1 The Hosts
  • 2 The Songs
  • 3 The Results
  • 4 Latvia At The Eurovision Song Contest

The Hosts

As in the last two weeks, Justs Sirmais and model and Latvian TV star, Dagmara Legante hosted the show. The green room was hosted, again by Toms Grēviņš. A quick recap of the five previously qualified finalists opened the show.

The Songs

Jenny May – Soledad

What better way to start a show than an up-tempo Spanish flavoured song. The comparisons to Despacito can’t be ignored, but Jenny May held her own. The fiesta and party nature of the song would make it a good one to dance to at Euro club. Jenny was all tied up in a rope to begin with, but fought herself free. Two female dancers added to the visuals.

Ed Rallidae – What I Had with You

Since the start of the Supernova, only Aminata songs have sent Latvia into the grand final of Eurovision. Lithuania has already dismissed two Aminata songs, so it’s back to her homeland that she tries again. This has the same electronic backing that we’re used to, but it’s a much darker and different song. Ed’s powerful low vocals give the song a powerful presence. If you were wondering what happened to Sergey’s wings, he has lent them to Ed. Another potential finalist.

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Katrine Lukins – Running Red Lights

This is the most modern and obviously chart-friendly song in the competition. Katrine has come on a million miles since her last appearance in the Supernova and has her heart set on making the final. Again another great performance that Latvia would be foolish to ignore. Katrine wore a bright red coat and short-ish black dress. She was accompanied by two female dancers.

Lauris Valters – Lovers Bliss

Lauris’s song dedicated to his wife is a happy upbeat number. With a heavy breathing four piece backing group and Lauris clicking on his fingers, this song is a change from love song mush. The catchy feel-good rhythm of the song matched Jenny’s party vibes and again would make a respectable Latvian entry.


A slow piano starts the song and the vocals can be compared with last weeks MADARA entry. The cello also draws similar comparisons, but the violins give it a unique style. This is another well-sung heartfelt ballad. Every note is ached out of MIONIA’s performance. MIONIA started the song at the piano, before taking the stage in her red dress. By now choosing two finalists has become an impossible task.

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Kris & Oz – Morning Flight

This slow-paced dramatic song by the trio, Kris and Oz is another good entry. Kris has a voice at times similar to Amy Winehouse, and is pitch perfect. While this song may be missing that X-Factor moment compared to the other six, it is still a worthy qualifier.

Laura Rizzotto – Funny Girl

Is this going to be a case of leaving the best till last? This highly polished James Bond type song was sung perfectly. Suggestions have been made already that this song is great for a movie soundtrack. Red is Latvia’s colour this year, as Laura wore a blood red long dress. A great way to end the semi-finals.

The Results

A mix of jury and Latvian public picked the two artists to go to the final. They picked Lauris Valters and Laura Rizzotto.

Latvia At The Eurovision Song Contest

Despite their excellent debut and win in 2002, Latvia’s history at Eurovision has been a little thorny. Out of eighteen entries, eight of them failed to make the final. The first time they stalled in the semis was in 2004 with Fomins and Kleins and the song Dziesma par laimi. How many of you can remember that one? The years 2009-2014 left Latvia out of the finals for six years. Three times they came last in their respective semis. In 2014 they came closest to qualifying when Cake To Bake placed 13th for Aarzemnieki. Unfortunately, Triana Park and Line returned Latvia to their familiar last place, last year.

Here’s Laura’s video for Funny Girl.

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Montevizija: Montenegro chose Vanja Radovanović to represent them in Lisbon

Montevizija: Montenegro chose Vanja Radovanović to represent them in Lisbon

Vanja Radovanović

Vanja Radovanović won tonight’s revived edition of Montevizija and as such will represent Montenegro at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. This happened after a tight national final with only five acts competing.

Earlier this week, Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG published short snippets of the five lucky finalists that had been chosen from 31 submissions received. As Montenegro already succeeded in Eurovision Song Contest with Balkan ballads, they hope to repeat this success after two years of staying in the semifinals.

The members of the jury who chose those finalists are two singers (Ismeta Dervoz and Vladimir Maraš) and three composers (Kornelije Kovač, Dejan Božović, and Slaven Knezović).

Let’s take a look at the songs and the live performance from Montevizija 2018.


  • 1 The Songs
  • 2 The Results
  • 3 Poll
  • 4 The show
  • 5 Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest

The Songs

Nina PetkovićDišem

Nina is the first one to perform. We may translate its title as I Breathe and it is the winner of our poll here on EuroVisionary. Dišem is a more uptempo song, compared to the other finalists. It is not vocally easy, but still, Nina delivered the song only with a few tones that were out of tune. Nina wears a black glitter coat with a cape. She dropped it off and four male dancers joined her on stage.

Vanja RadovanovićInje

Vanja is together with Nina one of the two finalists who composed their entry themselves. But unlike Nina, Vanja did it completely alone. Hoarfrost as we can translate the original title Inje is a typical Balkan ballad. String quartet joined Vanja on the stage. We may connect this entry to the songs by Knez or Sergej Ćetković.

Ivana Popović MartinovićPoljupci

Ivana brings a classy black dress with a little bit of extravaganza on the stage. Kisses would maybe deserve more stylish dress though. But even though, the love ballad is very likable and well sung. Nothing else distracts us from Ivana’s performance so we can focus on her vocals on point.

Katarina BogićevićNeželjena

Neželjena is translated as The Unwanted. But it is definitely not the song that’s unwanted, because it sounds modern even though it is also a ballad. It has a nice beat to the song and Montenegrin language suits the song really well. Katarina is flawless and also very beautiful. She wears a simple pink dress. Maybe this is the song that may win Montevizija 2018?

Lorena JankovićDušu mi daj

Lorena looks like a princess in her light blue dress. That also counts for the song. It is a romantic ballad that could be easily taken from a Disney fairytale. On the LED background we see a lot of stars throughout the performance. The title is translated as Give Me Soul. After this performance, we wouldn’t complain about giving it to Lorena.

The Results

In Montenegro, a jury had been responsible for picking the five finalists. The members of the jury are two singers (Ismeta Dervoz and Vladimir Maraš) and three composers (Kornelije Kovač, Dejan Božović, and Slaven Knezović).

In the final, it was however 100% televoting who decided the winner. First, TOP 3 of the televoting was announced for the superfinal. The winner was Vanja.

Artist1st RoundSuperfinal
Nina PetkovićOUT
Vanja RadovanovićTOP 31st
Ivana Popović MartinovićOUT
Katarina BogićevićTOP 32nd
Lorena JankovićTOP 33rd


Do you think Montenegro picked the right song? Vote in the poll to let us know who your favorite was.

Montevizija 2018 - Which song is best?

The show

In the beginning, we saw a video of the jury in the process of choosing the TOP 5. They also played a short recap of the previous Montenegrin participants. An interesting fact was the calculation of an average Montenegrin candidate, in the rules of height, weight, age, and sex. A fun fact was a photo collage of all previous representatives together.

After all the participants performed their entries, the hosts opened the televoting and Slavko Kalezić brought us into Space in his 2017 Eurovision entry. In the middle, he continued by another of his songs. The voting countdown opened after Slavko’s performance for another 13 minutes. It sounded like there is no audience as nobody applauded during the show. The string quartet from Vanja’s song played their string versions of past Eurovision songs.

After the TOP 3 was revealed for the superfinal, all three entries – Vanja, Katarina, and Lorena – performed their entries for the second time. During these second performances, the voting was already opened. After them, the string quartet continued with the cover versions of other Eurovision songs. Sergej Ćetković sent a video greeting and sung a refrain of his Eurovision entry Moj Svijet. The countdown opened again for the same time window as during the first round of voting.

Before the voting closed, also Knez performed his entry from Vienna – Adio. Then we saw a fake report from the final voting from May in Lisbon where Montenegro topped the voting and won. The scenes from the possible future after the Eurovision victory continued. A dream or a prophecy? Who knows, but let’s be honest, seeing that could be at least interesting.

Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest

Since their debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, Montenegro managed to qualify for the final only twice. With Sergej Ćetković in 2014, and also in 2015 with Knez. Both of those two qualifying entries were sung in Montenegrin and maybe that is the reason why this year, all five finalists were performed in their native language.

With no final two years in a row, the pressure is on tonight’s winner. Last year, Slavko Kalezić finished 16th in his semi-final, third to last. In the video below, remind yourself of his performance.

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