Eurovision’s First Lady Lys Assia passed away

Eurovision’s First Lady Lys Assia passed away

She was a Eurovision icon as the winner of the very first contest held back in 1956. Today, the sad news broke that she passed away at the age of 94. She is a legend who will always be remembered for her love to the Eurovision Song Contest.

It’s hard to imagine that Lys Assia is no longer among us. Despite her age, we are many who somehow thought she would live forever. Today, we were ripped out of that imagination.

Lys Assia, born in Switzerland in 1924, got her big breakthrough in 1954 with the song Oh, Mein Papa. As the Eurovision Song Contest started in 1956, Lys Assia represented Switzerland and won with the song Refrain. As the very first winner, she has often been referred to as Eurovision’s First Lady.

She would represent her country twice more. In 1957 finishing 8th with L’enfant Que J’etais, and again in ’58 where she came second with Giorgio. Like a true European, she has lived in many countries among others her native Switzerland, but also for many years in Denmark, and later also France.

Life is too short to spend on unimportant things. Unfortunately, one notices this but usually only in retrospect. My life was very happy. We should never be jealous of the other’s happiness.

Lys Assia to BLICK

As late as in 2012 and 2013, Lys Assia gave it another attempt to make it to the Eurovision stage as a participant, but failed to win the Swiss national finals with the songs C’était Ma Vie and All In Your Head. She has however very often visited the contest, and in recent years she also encouraged fans to send selfies with her and them – today, all those are being shared once more. At the 2016 contest, a special Meet & Greet was set up for her to meet her fans once again.

At the age of 94, Lys Assia passed away at Zurich’s Zollikerberg Hospital. Our deepest respect goes out to family and friends.

In the video below, remind yourself of Eurovision’s first ever winner Refrain sung by Lys Assia:

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Which songs should be played at the Eurovision parties in Lisbon?

Which songs should be played at the Eurovision parties in Lisbon?

Trumps are asking for your thoughts on which Eurovision or national final songs, they should put on their playlist. What do you want to hear? The ticket sale has also started. Are you ready for a big party?

Trumps’ Eurovision parties have been a verified success. On week one, two times Festival da Canção contestant – Catarina Pereira – headlined the party and in its second week, Filipa Azevedo (Portugal 2010) was the initial headliner but was eventually joined by this year’s Finnish representative, Saara Aalto, that took the stage for roughly 20 minutes.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the club has made a commitment of mixing its iconic Pop nights with Eurovision music and has prepared its own Eurovision show by having its outrageous Drag Queens paying homage to some of the most remarkable Eurovision participants.

Following the club’s owner words, Trumps aim to be this year’s biggest unofficial EuroClub for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and has now announced an entire agenda for the Eurovision week. Not only the club will have its doors opened all week (8th-12th of May) for the first this this decade but it will also host social livestreams of the three Eurovision shows for those who may have not been able to get tickets, or for those who are simply interested in watching the show with company.

The live coverage of the respective semi finals and of its Grand Finale will feature the club’s Drag Queens that will be commenting the shows as everyone watches. By the end, an after party will take place with Eurovision, Pop and House hits. The club is selling a main pass for 50€ that will give access to all the parties and respective events as well as discounts to restaurants and bars near the club and can be purchased online. On top of that, because Trumps is generally busy, pass holders don’t have to wait inline.

There are single night prices as well, take a look:

Week dayPrice before 23:45hPrice after 23:45h
8th of May15€ (includes the live transmission)10€
9th of May10€10€
10th of May15€ (includes the live transmission)10€
11th of May10€10€
12th of May15€ (includes the live transmission)12€

All the prices in the table are to be paid at the entrance of the club. These single tickets are only meant for the respective night and give no discounts outside of the club. Instead, it includes a free drink for that specific event.

Help Trumps design its Eurovision playlists

It is the very first time Portugal is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest, and also the first time Trumps is hosting Eurovision parties. The club wants to make sure the fans will be satisfied and, therefore, wants to have everyone’s opinion on what Eurovision songs can not be left out of the Eurovision after parties.

In order to gather opinions, EuroVisionary is asking you to suggest up to ten songs which you think you should be a part of the playlist. This ten songs are not exclusive to Eurovision entries, but can also be national selection’s songs as well. Let us know in comments, what you want to hear? The lists will be shared with Trumps’ owner and, of course, build the future Eurovision nights.

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Three ladies scored by Greek songwriters – but who will do best?

Three ladies scored by Greek songwriters – but who will do best?

Azerbaijan, Greece and Cyprus are the three countries which this year take part with a Greek, or partly Greek written song. We take a closer look at Aisel, Eleni Foureira and Yianna Terzi. Who of them will bring home the best result from the contest in Lisbon?

This year, three countries are coming to the Eurovision Song Contest with a song written by Greeks – and all three will be performed by ladies. Who of them will do best? Once we have looked at little bit at their entries, we’ll ask that question.


  • 1 Greece
  • 2 Cyprus
  • 3 Azerbaijan
  • 4 Poll


Things didn’t go as planned this year for Greece. A national selection was planned with five acts. As two were quickly pulled out of the competition, only three was left. And then, another two were disqualified leaving Yianna Terzi as the only act left. With no competitors for her, the national final was dropped, and she selected as the Greek participant.

Yianna is 37 years old. She wanted to follow in the footstep of her dad, singer Paschalis Terzis. Her first album was released in 2006, the second one in 2008, but then things led her to United States putting her own music on hold, working as talent scout for a record company. Now she is back in Greece representing her country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Greek entry, Oniro Mou (My dream) is written by Terzi herself along with Aris Kalimeris, Dimitris Stamatiou, and Mihalis Papathanasiou.

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It wasn’t easy either for Cyprus to find their 2018 participant. At first, the broadcaster signed a contract with Alex Papaconstantinou to write a good song for them. Then, they began searching for the right singer. That wasn’t easy as the first two asked said no. Finally Eleni Foureira said yes.

31 year old Elini is born in Albania, but the family moved to Greece due to the civil war in their home country. In Greece, her music career started. First, in the girl group Mystique, which she left after two years to kick off her solo career. In 2010, she took part in the Greek national selection, where she finished second. She is the fourth Greek singer to represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Fuego, Elini’s Eurovision entry, is written by Alex Papaconstantinou (Alex P), a Greek-Swedish songwriter and producer. It’s Alex’s fourth Eurovision entry, also having written Yassou Maria (Greece 2007), Always (Azerbaijan 2009) and La La Love (Cyprus 2012).

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For the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Azerbaijan internally selected Aisel to represent them. The announcement came back in November 2017 where Azerbaijan were the third country to present their artist, but it wasn’t until early March, the song was released.

Aisel, with the birth name Aysel Mammadova, is a 28 year old singer mainly known for singing jazz and a bit of soul. She is local, being born in Baku and is trained at the Azerbaijani State Conservatory.

The song which Aisel will sing in Lisbon is titled X My Heart, with X pronounced as ‘cross’. It’s written by Greek Dimitris Kontopoulos and Swedish Sandra Bjurman. Both have previous Eurovision experience. Dimitris co-wrote the Russian 2016 runner-up entry You Are The Only One performed by Sergey Lazarev. Sandra can write Eurovision winner on the track list, as she was one of the two Swedish songwriters behind Azerbaijan’s 2011 winner Running Scared.

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Azerbaijan, Greece and Cyprus are all taking part in the first semi-finals of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Currently, the bookmakers only believe in Greece and Azerbaijan to reach the final, but we are still more a month away from the rehearsals in Lisbon to start, so anything can still happen.

Who of them do you think will bring home the best result from Portugal?

Which of the ladies with a Greek written song will do best this year?

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5 years ago – Where are the top 10 from Eurovision 2013 nowadays?

5 years ago – Where are the top 10 from Eurovision 2013 nowadays?

Babies, weddings, careers that have flopped and careers that have thrived. We take a look at what has happened in the lives of the acts that ended in top 10 at the Eurovision Song Contest, five years ago.

2013 was a great year for music and an incredible year for Eurovision. The contest took place in Malmö, Sweden and was hosted by the wonderfully charasmatic Petra Mede. Lets take a look at what the top 10 competitors have been up to since they returned home from their Eurovision endeavours.

10. ByeAlexKedvesem – Hungary

ByeAlex wrote one of the entries for Hungary’s selection show A Dal. H Y P N O T I Z E D performed by former Hungarian X Factor participant Roland Gulyás was eliminated during the semi finals, and as such we wouldn’t get a comeback for ByeAlex.

He has been working as a mentor on the Hungarian X-Factor. At the start of this year, he released the video for his latest single Menned kéne (You should do it) which was sung in collaboration with his band Slepp.

9. AnoukBird – The Netherlands

Anouk was a game changer for the Netherlands at Eurovision. She became the first dutch competitor to qualify for the Grand Final in 9 years, and finished in 9th place with 114 points. 2015 was a busy year, she wrote the Dutch entry for the contest Walk Along performed by Trijntje Oosterhuis (Unfortunately the track did not make it past the semi final) and she became a judge on The Voice of Holland.

Since her performance at Eurovision, Anouk has become the mother to two children, a boy and a girl which brings her children to a grand total of six, and she has released 3 albums. Her next album entitled Wen D’r Maar Aan (Get Used To It) it will be released after the Summer. Her latest single Lente (Spring) was released earlier this week.

8. GianlucaTomorrow – Malta

Maltese doctor Gianluca charmed Europe with his sweet song Tomorrow. He created a record, having been the first Maltese Eurovision act to make it into the UK charts. Since his stint at Eurovision, Gianluca has continued to perform. The following year, together with four of his sisters, qualified for the semi-final of the Maltese selection for Eurovision with the song Beautiful To Me. Together they performed under the name “L-Aħwa”, the Maltese word for siblings. He has also performed as a front-man of the band Funk Initiative. Earlier this year Bezzina ran the Maltese Marathon to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.

He married Vanessa Callus in November 2017, and immediately flew out for a long honeymoon to USA and Canada.

Gianluca on his wedding day

7. Marco MengoniL’essenziale – Italy

Marco Mengoni has continued to have a great career in Italy since he competed in the Sanremo Music Festival, which ultimately led him to Eurovision. His single L’essenziale multi-platinum in Italy after being No:1 in the charts for 8 consecutive weeks.

In 2015, the performer won the Best Italian Act and the Best European Act awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards and in 2016 he released a live album where he duetted with British star Paloma Faith.

6. Koza Mostra feat. Agathon IakovidisAlcohol Is Free – Greece

Greek folk/Ska band Koza Mostra had great success following their participation in the contest. Their album Keep Up The Rhythm released the same year went triple platinum, however they didn’t release another album until 2017.

5. Dina GaripovaWhat If – Russia

Following her time at Eurovision, Dina released an album called Два шага до любви (Two steps to love) and was one of the 5 jurors for Russia in the 2015 contest. Garipova released a song called Fifth Element last year. Unfortunately the song failed to chart in Russia but the singer has continued to perform on television. This week, Garipova announced that she would be one of Russia’s jurors during this year’s junior Eurovision Song Contest.

4. Maragret BergerI Feed You My Love – Norway

Following in Garipova’s shows, Berger (which is the name she now goes by artistically) was also a juror in the 2015 contest, but for her country of Norway. She has released several singles since I Feed You My Love, but has yet to release an album. After 12 years in the music industry, she decided to create her own record label which coincidentally is also called Berger.

Berger confirmed this week that she will be performing at the London Eurovision party as special guest.

3. Zlata OgnevichGravity – Ukraine

It was third time lucky for Zlata who finally got her chance to represent Ukraine in 2013 with Gravity. The following year Zlata co-hosted the junior Eurovision Song Contest with Timur Miroshnychenko, and also announced the Ukrainian vote in the adult competition. During this year she was elected into the Ukrainian parliament wanting to take a stand against corruption in the political system. This was short lived as she resigned just over a year later.

Last year Zlata supported classical music icon Andreas Bocelli during his concerts in Ukraine, and has been continuing to release music in her home country. Her latest being Do мене (To Me).

2. Farid MammadovHold Me – Azerbaijan

In 2013, Farid Mammadov was the first male solo artist to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision, and with that he became the first Azeri contestant to win the Marcel Bezençon Artist Awards. Mammadov hasn’t done much musically since his time in the competition.

He sang the national anthem with fellow Azerbaijani Sabina Babayeva at the Baku 2015 1st European games.

1 . Emmelie De Forest – Only Teardrops – Denmark

De Forest has continued to write and release music since she won the contest in Malmo, Sweden. She wrote the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest last year. Never Give Up On You won the UK selection show Eurovision: You Decide, and the single was performed by former X-Factor UK contestant Lucie Jones. Her second album History was released last month and shows a much different Emmelie to what we remember 5 years ago.

You can listen to the song Sanctuary taken from the album below.

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Ira Losco releases One In A Million single

Ira Losco releases One In A Million single

The new single from Ira Losco is a pop song which starts out slowly, but builds up nicely. It is a promising single to which an album soon will follow. Ira represented Malta twice with a second place at best result.

A week ago, she uploaded a little teaser for the new single. It was however that didn’t reveal much, so it was pretty much still a secret what would be released this evening.

One In A Million is released ahead of a new double album. The video to the new single features Youtuber Stella Cini and Daniel McLean, to which Ira said that “it was a pleasure having them on board”.

Ira has represented Malta twice at the Eurovision Song Contest. First time in 2002 where she finished second with the song 7th Wonder, and again in 2016 where her Walk On Water came in as 12th in the final.

Check out the video to Ira Losco’s new single One In A Million:

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Jamala gives birth to a baby boy!

Jamala gives birth to a baby boy!

Yesterday, little Emir-Rahman, was born. He is the first born child of 2016 winner, Jamala. Another former winner, Ruslana, was quick to congratulate the new mother with this happy situation.

Jamala, the Ukranian singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, bringing the trophy back to her country has had a busy year. In just little over a year, she has released new songs, got married, and now, she has given birth to her first child.

Jamala gave birth to little Emir-Rahman on the 27th of March 2018, and in an interview to the Kyiv PostJamala’s husband, Bekir Suleimanov, said that he attended the birth and that he and Jamala are very happy for the birth of their first child.

2004 Eurovision winner Ruslana congratulated Jamala on social media posting a picture of the two of them, and asked her to give the little boy a kiss from her.

We wish all the best for Jamala, her husband and little Emir-Rahman.

In the video below, take a look at Jamala’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, as she sang her song, 1944. 

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