10 lucky qualifiers draw their approximate starting position for Eurovision 2019 final

Serhat qualified for the 2019 Grand Final

After reaching the final, the 10 qualifiers from the first semi-final has now taken part in a draw that placed them in either first or second half of the grand final. Let’s be honest, most were hoping for second half.

When semi-final two has provided us with the last ten qualifiers, the producers will work on the actual running order for the grand final on Saturday. They do so based on what makes the best TV show. This is done to secure variation and a good natural flow throughout the show. How much they might want to, they however do not have total freedom as they need to live up to the draw that took place tonight.

The draw placed the 10 qualifiers in either first or second half of the final. It took place at the qualifiers press conference which followed shortly after the live show. Though the participants do their best to put on a happy smile, it is hard not to notice that most do prefer to draw the little paper that says “2nd half”.

So, let’s see who were the lucky ones – and who probably hoped for a different result:

CountryWhich half
Czech RepublicFirst
San MarinoFirst

Previously host country Israel was placed in starting position 14 in the final. A couple of days ago, the so-called Big 5 countries had their draw. This gave Germany first half, and the four remaining ones second half; Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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