FYR Macedonia recreates music video on stage

The first rehearsals of the day were met with a few technical issues but that didn’t stop Eye Cue from offering a sexy and ambitious performance that easily recreates “Lost and Found” music video.

FYR Macedonia is competing in the first semi-final as start number 11. The country is represented by the band Eye Cue and their song Lost And Found, which is written by Bojan Trajkovski and Darko Dimitrov.


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First rehearsal

Technical issues marked today’s first rehearsal as Eye Cue had to restart their performance more than five times. Just like in the music video for Lost and Found, Marija Ivanovska was waring a short pink dress that certainly will catch the viewers’ attention at home.

It all started with a focused Marija and a blurred Bojan Trajkovski – a possible metaphor for the song’s meaning. Overall, the performance did justice to the Eurovision stage as four other elements were on it, besides the main duo: the drums guy and three back vocalists. While Bojan Trajkovski – the guitarist – stood in the same place during most of the performance, Marija walked through the entire main stage and even offered a nice and cute choreography after the song’s first chorus.

By the end, the duo – along with the back vocalists – walked to the stage’s bridge and appeared to have found eachother.

Vocally speaking, Marija was on key and surely looked confident on stage. Will that be enough for FYR Macedonia?

How Eye Cue was selected

Back in January 2017, broadcaster MRT asked for songs to be submitted for a quick international selection. They received nearly 400 of which a jury then selected Eye Cue and the entry Lost And Found.

In mid February, the band was announced, and a month later, the song saw its release.

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FYR Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest

A pre-selection kept FYR Macedonia away from their intended debut in 1996. As they withdrew for the 97′ contest, it wasn’t until 1998 we saw Vlado Janevski as the first representative for an independent FYR Macedonia. Up until 2014, the country would take part ever second year only.

Late Toše Proeski represented FYR Macedonia at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, he came 14th in the final and since that, the country has been a regular participant, despite quite poor results recently.

In 2006, Elena Risteska ended 12th with the song Ninanajna. That is to date the country’s best result at the Eurovision Song Contest.

From 2008 and up, FYR Macedonia only reached the final once, that was by Kaliopi and her song Crno I Belo in 2012.

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  • FYR Macedonia recreates music video on stage


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