Zibbz’s Corrine struts around the stage making full use of it during Swiss Stones rehearsals

Fun, cheerful, and completely in a world of its own, is the overall impression the first rehearsal from Swiss brother and sister duo, Zibbz gave us.

Switzerland is competing in the first semi-final in position 17. They are represented by Zibbz and their song Stones, which is written by the two siblings, Corrine and Stefan Gfeller with Laurell Barker.


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  • 2 How Zibbz was selected
  • 3 Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest

First Rehearsals

A large bridge extending across the stage is the first thing you notice about the Swiss performance. Wearing a red cowboy hat and looking kind of like Britney Spears, Corrine struts around making full use of the stage. An early shout out to the audience is not a good thing, as may fall flat if the audience don’t fully know the song.

Brother Stefan has a little less to do, other than bang his drums as the backing track plays behind the duo.

The live vocals are exactly like the recorded version so there were no problems there. The duo have to be commended for filling up the large stage, despite just being the two of them. As an extra bonus Corrine heads right down to the edge of the stage to get as close to the audience as she can. Phenomenal stage presence, will it be enough to take Switzerland back to the final.

How Zibbz was selected

On the 4th of February, Swiss TV kicked off for their Die Entscheidungsshow. Six songs, all in English competed to represent the country at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

With a combination of public vote and the use of an international jury representing seven countries, the duo Zibbz won a very clear victory with 153 points ahead of runner up Alejandro Reyes who scored 120 points.

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Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest

When the Eurovision Song Contest started in 1956, Switzerland was one of the founding countries – and with now late Lys Assia they won the very first edition. The country won again in 1988 with Canadian super star Celine Dion and the song Ne partez Pas Sans Moi.

As semi-finals were introduced in 2004, things started to get tough for Switzerland. They have missed the final ten times, and with the four songs that did make it, only once did the country score a top 10 result. That came when Vanilla Ninja represented them with the song Cool Vibes in 2005 and came eight.

In Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014, Sebalter’s Hunter Of Stars scored a 13th place. The following three years, Switzerland didn’t manage to reach the final.

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  • Zibbz’s Corrine struts around the stage making full use of it during Swiss Stones rehearsals


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