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Greece 2018

Oneiro Mou from Eurovision on Vimeo.

GREECE – Yianna Terzi will represent Greece in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Oneiro Mou” (My Dream) after other NF participants surprisingly disqualified by ERT this afternoon. The song is available already in full version. Though the always-professional Greek national broadcaster has made still no official statement.

Join them on Facebook and then listen to their song in full version

You can buy and listen the full version on iTunes



Group HorostalitesFrom Thrace to Crete
Areti KetimeDon't Forget The Sun
Yianna TerziOneiro Mou
Tony VlachosBaila JazzDisqualified
Duo FinaIdio TempoDisqualified

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Denmark 2018

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Portugal 2018

Só por Ela (45”) – Diogo Clemente | Festival da Canção 2018

Só para te Dar Abrigo (45”) – Fernando Tordo | Festival da Canção 2018

Anda a Estragar-me os Planos (45”) – Francisca Cortesão | Festival da Canção 2018

(sem título) (45”) – Janeiro | Festival da Canção 2018

Sem Medo (45”) – Jorge Palma | Festival da Canção 2018

O Som da Guitarra é a Alma de um Povo (45”) – José Cid | Festival da Canção 2018

Alvoroço (45”) – JP Simões | Festival da Canção 2018

Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso de Nada (45”) – Júlio Resende | Festival da Canção 2018

Eu Te Amo (45”) – Mallu Magalhães | Festival da Canção 2018

Austrália (45”) – Nuno Rafael | Festival da Canção 2018

A Mesma Canção (45”) – Paulo Praça | Festival da Canção 2018

Com Gosto Amigo (45”) – Rita Dias | Festival da Canção 2018

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7 hours ago

Our five finalists, Amaia, Alfred, Aitana, Miriam and Ana Guerra.

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January 29

RUSSIA – Julia Samoylova is officially confirmed by Channel One as the 2018 Russian representative for Lisbon. The national broadcaster explained that its was a promise they had to keep and they strongly support her bid for Lisbon. Julia is currently working on her Eurovision entry. She says she has two songs ready one for Space and one Fairytale and she will do whatever possible to change her stage image with which we got to know her in X-Factor.

GREECE – Tomorrow ERT will have the final meeting with the three participating record labels in the national final. The record labels are asked to submit financial guarantees through legal banking tenders in order to be valid for allowing their entrants participating in Lisbon’s Eurovision Song Contest. The national final is gearing up for February 16th and tomorrow we might get to know the date when the three songs will be released. The record labels will cover all expenses regarding the Greek participation in Lisbon.

CYPRUS – CyBC will make the official announcement on Eleni Foureira on Wednesday. In the meantime it was also decided that the stage presentation of Eleni will be instructed by Sacha Jean Baptiste from Sweden, known for the stage presentations of Georgia 2015, Cyprus, Armenia, Georgia in 2016, Georgia, Australia, Armenia, Bulgaria in 2017. The song of Alex Papaconstantinou is tipped to be titled “Fuego”.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Martina Bárta entered the auditions of German Idol (Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar). Martina, who lives anyway in Berlin, auditioned for the show in Cologne and qualified to the next round convincing the judges. Former Modern Talking star Dieter Bohlen (basically, Germany’s Simon Cowell) was commenting on her performance when Martina suddenly broke down in tears. Comforted by Carolin Niemczyk, singer of Glasperlenspiel, made Martina explaining what was wrong: it’s all about her bad relationship with her father, something which Martina revealed last summer exclusively on Oikotimes.com.

BELGIUM – Sennek will represent Belgium in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest! No it’s not a replacement of the current choice of the Belgian national television but a rename of Laura Groeseneken who decided that this will be her stage name: “For a long time I’m creating music under the stage name Sennek, which I chose because it sounds a tad mysterious. And the name also has a personal touch: it comes from my last name Groeseneken. I think it’s nice that I will now go to Lisbon under this name. Because I am so closely involved in all choices during this Eurovision participation, it was a logical choice to take this adventure with my own stage name.”

SWITZERLAND – SRF Zwei will have a special Eurovision weekend ahead of the national final. The weekend special will include:

  • Céline Dion Story – 30 years on from Céline Dion’s victory, Beni Thurnheer who commentated in 1988 and Stefan Büsser look back at Switzerland’s last winner
  • Conchita – Unstoppable – Follows Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst from her victory in 2014 through the year following her win in Denmark
  • Eurovision Song Contest – Die Doku – Documentary charting the history of the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956
  • Eurovision Song Contest 1988 – SRF has remastered the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, in which Céline Dion brought Switzerland their last victory in the competition

FRANCE – France Televisions must be proud as the national final reached 4th popular program on Saturday with 8,.9% of the share bringing almost 1,8 million viewers to France2. The show made a peak of 3.3 million viewers reaching 24.4% at least for one minute. The Voice of France of course topped the viewing rated with 30.7% TV share reaching 6.3 million viewers. But that was not the end of the story. Le Monde reports that Madame Monsieur had to challenge the accusations for having a political song in the national final saying that: “It’s just the story of a birth, a happy moment, in the midst of misfortune. We do not intend to teach a lesson. The Eurovision is for us the perfect scene to convey this story to the greatest number. It could do good, in a context so tense around migrants.”

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Eurostar Award 2017

ISRAEL – Tali Eshkoli, the woman who initiated and produced the most successful pre Eurovision party in Europe, Israel Calling and her loyal Team have been declared as winners of the 2017 Eurostar Award powered by oikotimes.com. It is the first time Israel wins the oikotimes.com award. In this post you can see also the interview we had with Ms Eshkoli in Kyiv during the Israeli Eurovision party at Eurovision Song Contest, a rare video as she almost never gives interviews to the media. A woman that speaks only with actions and hard work. We would like to congratulate Tali and her Team for winning the award and of course for her amazing contribution in the Eurovision Song Contest community.

🇮🇱 congratulations to @tali.eshkoli and her @israelcalling team for winning the 2017 EUROSTAR Award powered by @oikotimes #oikotimes #allaboard #eurovision

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