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Eurovision 2018: logo designer Nicolau Tudela speaks to oikotimes.com

PORTUGAL – During the RTP / EBU press conference the oikotimes.com which was present at the event, spoke with Nicolau Tudela, the logo designer and we had a chat through which we got a glance at the idea behind the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 organisation. Filmed and produced with the permission of the organisers by our Lisbon affiliate Ricardo Duarte, no copyright claimed.

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Greece 2018: five songs to the national final

GREECE – Although there is still no clear view of how many songs were submitted (number varies from 16 to 20+) local media report that the five qualifiers for the Greek national final have been selected. It is weird to check the list below as talent show favourites Tania Breazou and Stereo Soul are out while the favourite (and we all know she will win), Areti Ketime is the only known artist among them.

We say the only well known artist among the finalists because as ERT leaks here and there, in the national final there will be only 100% tele voting. But local media claim that the five qualifiers have to confirm to ERT (before proceeding to the official announcement) that their record labels will cover all expenses for the Lisbon Eurovision Song Contest venture. The qualifiers (and you will realise we are talking about pure ethnic entries) are:

Horostalites band with the song “From Thrace to Crete” by Spider Music
Tony Vlachos with the song “Baia Jazz” by Spider Music
Duo Fina with the song “Idio Tempo” by Records on Top
Areti Ketime with the song “Don’t forget the sun” by Spicy Music
Yanna Terzi with the song “My dream” by Panik Records

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Finland 2018: what happens after the Saara Aalto announcement with UMK

FINLAND – Finnish national broadcaster finally did the smart move and internally selected Saara Aalto, the woman who made huge media impact with her participation in the UK X-Factor last year.

But in the meantime YLE has to deal with their call for songs for the 2018 edition of UMK, the show through which the previous years Finland selected its entries and artists for the Eurovision Song Contest.

YLE has proudly announced they have received over 300 songs for UMK 2018. Since YLE made internal selection those submitted the songs are free to publish their entries as UMK 2018 will be used to select the song for Saara Aalto.

UMK 2018 will take place on March 3rd at Espoo Metro Arena where international jury and public voting will decide the song for Saara Aalto’s Lisbon venture.

Krista Siegfrids (Finland 2013) will host the show along with Mikko Silvennoinen by YLE.

Hi! We received over 300 songs, the applicants are free to publish their work and some most likely have already published it by themselves.

— UMK (@Yle_UMK) November 7, 2017

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In brief: MaTT MaX submits a song for France, Mari Kaye declines offer, Saara Aalto talks with BBC and more

FRANCE – It is reported by our colleagues at Concours Eurovision, that MaTT MaX has submitted a song for Destination Eurovision, the show through which France will decide its entry in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Matt Max (real name Matthieu Blanchard) is 34 years old. Originally from Bergerac, he is an author and performer. His career began at 22 years old. At the time, he won the main role in a musical, but most importantly, he participated in the French selection of 2006. His career stopped in the semi-finals. Dancing became a second passion and he perfected himself in hip-hop. Since this first Eurovision experience, he has continued his career in groups. Matt Max proposes this year the human title. Fan of the competition since young, he dreams of living this adventure and he is more determined than ever: “I live Eurovision since a young age, I too dream to participate in this great and unique adventure and give all the space of 3 minutes to proudly represent and win my country.”

It is also reported that during an interview Marina Kaye was approached to participate in the national selection but she declined as she afraid that Eurovision will negatively affect her career. The 19 year old singer didn’t clarify if she was proposed to directly represent France or submit a song in the national selection.

ROMANIA – Romanian national broadcaster announced all information about the 2018 edition of Selectia Nationala through which the country will decide its participation for Lisbon. Under the theme “Eurovision Unites Romania” those interested can submit their songs between November 15th to December 15th. Romanian participant in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest Mihai Traistariu already asked fans and international authors to help him get a great song for the national selection. Upon submissions due, TVR will hold live auditions on December 21st and 22nd respectively. Then there will be five semi finals and a final which will kick off in January. While auditions will take place in Bucharest the locations for the semi finals and the final have not yet revealed.

SAN MARINO – The surprise national selection for San Marino’s 2018 Eurovision Song Contest participation in Lisbon kicks off. After ten days when submissions opened 250 songs received from 60 countries! Submissions due on November 30th and through the website 1IN360 and YouTube you can already enjoy those who are desperately want to go to Eurovision. So far the list of preliminary participants include various Eurostar likee Dado Topic (Croatia 2007), Maria Olafs (Iceland 2015) and other national final participants such as:

Yola Dinis – Festival da Canção 2015 finalist
Laura Kamhuber – Wer singt für Österreich 2016 wildcard hopeful
Jill Svensson – Talang 2010 participant
Ylva & Linda Persson
Tasha Odi – multiple participations in Belarussian national finals
Sabrina Stern – schlagerpop singer

UNTIED KINGDOM – Finisher singer Saara Aalto has revealed she is in talk with Eurovision’s Team UK to represent Great Britain. I can reveal that Saara Aalto is in talks with the Beeb to represent the UK at next year’s contest in Lisbon, Portugal. In an exclusive interview to The Sun, the Finnish singer, who came third on last year’s X Factor, revealed: “There have been talks with the BBC, they really want me to do it. “I love Eurovision so I have been searching for the right opportunity to be part of it. It’s just whether I should do it for the UK or Finland or some other country. But the UK is my home now. It would be quite fun, Eurovision has always been a dream of mine.”

GERMANY – It is reported that German HoD, Carola Conze resigned and replaced by Christoph Pellander, producer and editor. Carola was HoD for Eurovision Song Contest for the past two years and resigned for personal reasons.

SWEDEN – Today at 11:00 CET, Swedish national broadcaster will reveal the hosts for the 2018 edition of Melodifestivalen (including the main host and the semi finals co hosts). Aftonbladet claims that main host might be again David Lindgren. If he is indeed the main host he will be the third host of Meldofiestivalen for a consecutive year after Kristian Luuk (2007 and 2008), and Gina Dirawi (2012 and 2013). In the meantime does anyone noticed what Melodifestivalen’s generic logo reminds us of?

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In brief: Alma becomes an actor, Eleni Foureira disappointed, court date set for Ukraine and more…

BULGARIA – Let’s start with a treat. X Factor Bulgaria participant Ivan Ivanov covers the 2017 Moldovan entry “Hey Mamma” by Sunstroke Project in the show this week. You can see the video in this post. The good news is that the participant qualified to the next phase of the show through this performance. Well done.

GREECE – In her latest interview, Eleni Foureira doesn’t hide her indirect bitterness for not going (again) to the Eurovision Song Contest. It is no secret that she tries for years to get the ticket for the contest via internal selection. She is also one of the most wanted artists to represent Greece in Eurovision among the European community. Speaking to regional TV she said: “Eurovision is a sad story but everything is OK. I wish anyone going to Lisbon, to slay and good luck. There is no point it because everything happens for a reason. If ERT doesn’t want me to go to Lisbon they must have a reason. It’s OK”.

FRANCE – Alma, the 2017 French representative is testing her skills in the cinema. She is one of the actors starring in the Armenian, French, Russian production “Armen and Me”. She seems excited as we can see from her post on Facebook.

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – In 2016 Dalal Midhat was one of the representatives of her country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Dalal announced via Facebook an auction for her Eurovision outfit to support a charity cause.

UKRAINE – Back to the drama as UA:PBC Board Member, Inna Grebenyuk confirmed that UA:PBC will be going to court on October 30th to get back the 15 million Euro guarantee back gayer a dispute with Euronews. The money were deposited originally in a Swiss bank due to the EBU demand as a guarantee for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest but later on a dispute with Euronews withhold the money. Euronews is demanding 10.6 million Euros from Ukraine although Head of Euronews denied the dispute. EBU is also confirming that the dispute was not initiated by them.

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