The UA:PBC debrief for Eurovision 2017

GENEVA – The Reference Group meeting on June 14th the Ukrainian national broadcaster informed the European Broadcasting Union for the outcome of the aftermath for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Deputy Executive Director of the Central Directorate of UA:PBC Pavlo Hrytsak and Deputy Director General Hanna Bychok informed the EBU and also exchanged information with RTP delegation regarding the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Executive Supervisor of Eurovision Jon Ola Sand said: “The work on the preparation of Eurovision begins at the moment the country wins the contest. The team from Kyiv, participating in the meeting here in Geneva, conveys its experience and knowledge to the host broadcaster from Portugal. Ukrainian Eurovision team is an important participant of the process, thanks to which the successful experience of Kyiv will be transferred to Portugal”.

Pavlo Hrytsak said: “Eurovision is the largest music show in the world, a big and complex project for every country, and for Ukraine it was a real test for strength, many did not believe that we could cope with it, there were rumours that the contest would be moved to another country and various other rumours. However, despite all the challenges and doubts that we had to face, we coped and managed to make a great show, to accept at a high level 42 delegations of participating countries, thousands of foreign and Ukrainian journalists, fans, to show the world professional Ukrainian hosts and talented artists. I think this is a victory for the country and we were pleased to be recognized by the European Broadcasting Union”.

The EBU seems to be pleased with the organization of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest as they send a letter to the Ukrainian organisers congratulating them for the hard work in a rough time as the national broadcaster had to be replaced by a new one, lot of delays and bureaucratic obstacles.

It’s time now for UA:PBC to end the Eurovision 2017 edition by paying the remaining contracts. There are 142 million UAH remain to be paid from which 44,7 million will be paid off this week. There was no information when and if EBU will return the guarantee of the 15 million Euros to Ukraine.

There is still silence regarding any penalties to either Ukraine and Russia concerning the crisis caused this year basically due to Yulia Samoilova’s ban.

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